Posts made in May, 2010

Following the article on the 3D printer Eos based in the Pyrenees, you are going now to discover the ZPrinter 650 from ZCorp. This machine is located in our head office near Paris, and allows to make coloured objects, directly in the material. The different steps : – The objects are made by deposing and solidifying material layer by layer (0,1 mm thickness). Printer heads add coloured glue where the objects is being built....

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We received a lot of questions on how our machines work. We answer them today by proposing to you a first reportage from our 3D printing factory based in Arreau, in the Pyrenées. The 3D printer is the Formiga P100 from Eos, which allows to make white plastic objects. Next reportage : the ZPrinter 650 from ZCorp, to make coloured objects – First step : the making of the objects layer by layer, with a laser to solidify the plastic...

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