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3D Systems ProJet 1500: an affordable personal color 3D Printer

Posted By on Sep 30, 2011

On September 26th, 3D Systems announced the immediate availability of the ProJet 1500 personal 3D printer priced at $14,500, making high-resolution durable color parts accessible to more designers, engineers, architects, marketers, educators and stud...

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Customizable and 3D Printable Architecture 3D Models

Posted By on Sep 29, 2011

WireCASE showcase a lot of beautiful architecture 3D models on its Sculpteo Gallery embedded below. If you are an architect you too can benefit from Sculpteo’s Embeddable 3D Viewer to showcase your 3D models everywhere you want. The big advantage is ...

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A Slingshot ready to be 3D Printed

Posted By on Sep 28, 2011

This Slingshot (elastic not included) was designed by Edgar Castelo, known as edgarinventor on the Sculpteo gallery. Update: “How to make a Slingshot” Related posts: No related......

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ZCorporation 3D Printers featured on Fox 25 news

Posted By on Sep 27, 2011

“Basically, if you can get it into the computer, if you can describe the design in the computer, the machine will print it and make it real,” says Z Corporation’s Vice President of Product Management, Joe Titlow. “It starts by putting down a layer of...

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The Top 20 3D Printing Stories of 2014 offers complete coverage of the most exciting 3D printing projects of 2014. Stories that involve the European Space Agency, Audioquest, ALB Watches and even the Cité D’Architecture in Paris. If you’re looking fo...


Blue Robot

Posted By on Sep 26, 2011

The Sculpteo Gallery has recently welcomed “Blue Robot”, a new robot designed by “Troll” “The world of robots has always fascinated me, so it felt very natural when I designed BlueRobot, the first in a series of original characters. It’s consistent w...

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Customizable Rotating Sphere Pendant

Posted By on Sep 23, 2011

This beautiful pendant was created by Edddy. You can change colors, texture of the sphere, add text etc Click on the 3D model to start customization Related posts: No related......

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Objet Geometries launch a new bio-compatible 3D Printing material

Posted By on Sep 22, 2011

Objet Geometries just launched a new bio-compatible 3D Printing material called MED610 that have five medical approvals. MED610 “is a rigid material featuring great dimensional stability and colorless transparency. The material is ideal for applicati...

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Stradivarius 3D Printed replica

Posted By on Sep 21, 2011

Wired UK got its hands on the Stradivarius 3D Printed replica made famous by The Economist The violin was manufactured by EOS using Laser Sintering technology (except for strings, fine tuner and pegbox), one of the multiple “3D Printing” technologies...

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Our Design Guidelines for 3D Printing covers the basics for taking your designs into the third dimension with Sculpteo’s services. It covers each of our available materials and the specifics you’ll need to optimize your file for a 3D print in that ma...


EADS researchers use EBM 3D Printing to make Airbus A380 parts

Posted By on Sep 20, 2011

Chris Turner, an engineer at EADS Innovation Works near Bristol use an ARCAM 3D Printer to make a small part for an Airbus A380 airliner. The aim is to test whether printed parts can stand up to use in airliners, helicopters, and spacecraft. “Once we...

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Solar Powered 3D Printer

Posted By on Sep 19, 2011

The RepRap Mendel presented here uses RAMPS 1.3. RepRap Arduino Mega Pololu Shield (or RAMPS) is designed to fit the entire electronics needed for a RepRap in one small package for low cost. The 3D Printer is powered by a battery connected to a 45 Wa...

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