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As you may have noticed, the interface has recently undergone graphic and functional improvements.

We have very much focused on how designers can control which customization choices they offer users. Personalization options can now be fine-tuned feature by feature.

Users now have a more user-friendly and intuitive interface for the new models gallery. Changing textures and colours on certain models is a new feature that many will enjoy.

What’s new for users

The gallery has benefited from several improvements
– For easier searches, categories (architecture, models, figurines, miniatures, interior design…) are highlighted in the left sidebar.
– Prices for default-size models are now listed

– You can now select any colour in a model and replace it with another.

– A new customization feature allows you to replace an existing texture by another

– For those not proficient in 3D object design using CAD software:

In addition to custom figures, key chains, 3D images, 3D text and geometric shapes, we have created a “Mosaics” section in our selection of online creation modules.

What’s new for designers

– If you feature a model in our gallery, you can now select which customization options are available to users (text, symbols, colours, textures). You must authorize customization by ticking the appropriate box

Next, simply click on the padlock to allow / disallow customization for each feature

– In the settings, the object can now be described in both languages (French and English)

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