3D Printing Materials

Discover the new line of materials by Forward AM for your demanding technical applications, now available from Sculpteo.

The mechanical properties you expect from traditional manufacturing are now available with 3D Printing. 

    For technical applications such as:

    • Engine components
    • Piping & media flow/storage
    • Reservoirs & Manifolds
    • Industrial goods

    Specially Formulated Properties for Demanding Industries

    PA6 MF (Mineral Filled)

    High Rigidity​

    Ultrasint® PA6 MF (mineral filled) are ideal choices for advanced technical applications in tough environments. Get high strength and rigidity and uncompromising media tightness, as well as excellent thermal distortion and heat-ageing performance for serial production applications.

    PA6 FR (Flame Retardant)

    Thermal Resistance​

    Ultrasint® PA6 FR is an advanced engineering polymer powder containing a flame-retardant (FR) additive. Combining excellent mechanical and thermal performance with flammability requirements, it is especially suited for applications in the electronics and transportation sector.

    PP nat01 & PP for MJF

    Chemical Resistance​

    Ultrasint® PP nat 01 and Ultrasint® PP for Multi Jet Fusion delivers the well-known characteristics of polypropylene such as excellent chemical resistance, ductility, and media tightness for Powder Bed Fusion 3D printing technologies.

    TPU 88A & TPU01

    Elasticity and Rebound​

    Ultrasint® TPU01 and Ultrasint® TPU 88A are multi-purpose TPU materials to produce flexible parts for serial production. With impressive properties such as high rebound, low compression set, and good fatigue behavior, TPU is ideal for applications requiring shock absorption, friction, or flexibility.

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