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Prototype quickly and easily

The advantages of additive manufacturing are numerous compared to other manufacturing processes such as injection molding. Traditional methods don’t give you the same freedom in automotive manufacturing. Rapid prototyping allows designers to shorten prototyping time from a few months to a few days. This does not only shorten your product development time but it will also improve your final product by increasing the number of iterations. Moreover, using the 3D printing technology rather than traditional manufacturing technologies is reducing the cost of product development with a more rapid development

Improve the design of your objects thanks to 3D printing

3D printing allows your designers to unleash their creativity. Machine design becomes easier with the additive manufacturing technology, and complex geometries are not an issue anymore. You can reduce the costs of your concept models, of your functional prototyping, but also of your finished goods. Reducing weight is made easy with the use of lattices, for instance, a 3D design features which can only be produced thanks to the 3D printing process. You can also insert jigs and fixtures right in your parts, which will strongly reduce your lead time when it comes to your assembly line.
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Demonstration models to sell your products

With 3D printing, you can easily turn your products into reality. The customization is unlimited. This way, you can print your customer’s exact product, no matter what level of uniquely tailored design is chosen. It will also reduce your production time for custom-made items.

If you wish to showcase an innovative mechanical part, pick our plastic material. For a realistic representation of your product, like racing cars, our multicolor material is probably the best choice. 3D print car models which will perfectly represent your automotive products thanks to Sculpteo!

Drastically optimize your supply chain thanks to 3D printing

Additive manufacturing can print any number of pieces wherever there is a printer. For instance, have you ever thought of 3D printing tooling? Our 3D metal printing can truly help you with that.

3D printing is also the perfect solution for your spare parts. You don’t need to have a lot of them stored somewhere, you can simply store the 3D files and print the objects on demand. This is for sure going to revolutionize the way you handle spare parts.

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