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ŠKODA France 3D prints little Fabias!

Posted By Allison Simonot on Feb 16, 2015 | 2 comments

The 15th of February, ŠKODA France launched a special campaign for customers who have taken a test-drive: customize and 3D print your own miniature Fabia! It is the first time a brand has used 3D printing for a campaign of this type.
How can you get your own favorite little car for free? Just go to www.printmyfabia.com and follow the steps! This special website gives you the opportunity to customize a Fabia. You have the choice between two models (either a Berline or a Combi model), you can pick the different colors (bodywork, roof, rims) and even get your name printed on the chassis!

Discover 3D prints little Fabias

All you need to do to get your own 3D printed car is book a test-drive at your local ŠKODA dealer. The 3D printed car will be waiting for you there!


How did this campaign come about? The campaign and website were devised by Shivacom, a French communication agency. Sculpteo followed up by leading the 3D printing end. We 3D modeled the shapes of the Fabia car thanks to our in house 3D designer. It was an important step to be sure that the miniature version of the car would look great. Of course, every car is produced at our manufacturing premises: every time someone makes a reservation and orders their 3D printed Fabia, we 3D print it and ship it to the car dealer.

The campaign is initially launching in France and is planned to be spread through Europe. Beyond the customisation part, the campaign also includes interesting contents that show how the 3D printed cars are produced. Here some quick videos that describe the process of 3D printing the Fabias.

At Sculpteo, we are very pleased to be part of this operation. As our CEO Clément Moreau said :

«This innovative campaign shows the wide-ranging possibilities and uses of 3D printing. 3D printing eases access to creating real miniature objects, and gives ŠKODA  the opportunity to enhance its customers relations.»


So by now, before enjoying the full-size Fabia, you can have fun with the miniature one!

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