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3D printing and new structures within the textile industry

3D printing in the textile industry lets you unleash your imagination in order to quickly create new structures through innovative new materials. That’s why 3D printed fashion is on the rise. Thanks to the wide choice of materials that we offer, it is possible to 3D print your most ambitious projects in less time and associates them with clothing of any type to reinterpret the most classic styles. In an avant-garde sector such as fashion, mixing the latest trends with the latest 3D printing technology will allow you to differentiate yourself from competitors.

Tailor-made with 3D printing

With 3D printing, you can create custom-made clothing. Various 3D modeling software allows you to create clothing that suits you depending on your body type. You will have to transcribe your measurements on 3D modeling software and then model what you have in mind. The frames will be tailor-made so that you can print in rigid plastic or flexible plastic. One of these two materials associated with the conventional textile will allow you to create innovative clothing and perfectly suited to your body type.

virus collection fashion 3d printing
virus collection fashion 3d printing

New materials in the textile industry

With this new type of material, you are going to reinvent the textile industry by inventing fully 3D printed clothes. The flexibility of flexible plastic allows you how to create clothes with the most unusual shapes while keeping the flexibility of the fabric.

Best fashion projects with 3D printing

virus collection fashion 3d printing

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virus collection fashion 3d printing

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