Sculptris: 3D Modeling Software

Sculptris is a free 3D modeling software, which exploits the modeling clay concept. It is unique in that anyone can pick it up and try it out without any technical knowledge. 

Sculptris software


Created by Tomas Pettersson, the project is now developed by the Pixologic team, since 2010, when its inventor joined them.

Its particular modeling style makes the users feel like they are sculpting their object, since the modeling process starts with an intact piece of modeling clay the user  will adjust little by little by pulling, pinching, twisting and pushing it. This software is geared towards character sculpting and organic modeling. 

Interesting Features

What is Sculptris used for and is it free?

This software is free, but you can buy its counterpart ZBrush, developed by the same team, for more experienced users if you need more advanced features.

ZBrush has contributed to the realization of many movies, among which:

or videogames, such as:

Where can you download Sculptris?

Read the Sculptris tutorial and start building your Sculptris models now!

Other useful Information

If your Sculptris model file contains error making your object impossible to print, download our ebook Fix your 3D files for 3D printing .

In order to have a 3D printed object of your model you can export your file into an OBJ format by following From Sculptris to Sculpteo: three points tutorial.

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