Content Policy

Sculpteo respects the desires of our users when it comes to the property they are willing to share. That property is however subject to certain content policies in order to maintain a high level of professionality and service. On this page you will find information with regards to our content policies. The information will be organized in the following manner:

  • Intellectual Property Rights for your 3D Files
  • Inappropriate Content
  • Reporting a Transgression of Property Rights

Intellectual Property Rights for your 3D Files

No matter which visibility you choose during your 3D file’s upload (Private or Public) the file is still your intellectual property. There is not transference of intellectual property when you use our online 3D printing service.

As described in our Terms & Conditions, 3D files uploaded to must be uploaded by the designer of said object. Other files may be uploaded, assuming they were under a free license such as the Creative Commons. If you are not the designer or author of the file you are uploading and it does not fall under a free license you do not have the right to manufacture it through Sculpteo’s 3D pringing service.

Inappropriate Content

Any content that could be considered “inappropriate for the public” must be uploaded under ‘Private’ visibility, such that other users are not able to search for it. If you are unsure if your design could be considered “inappropriate”, choose the ‘Private’ visibility option. 

Sculpteo maintains the right to refuse the printing of any design that conflicts with our principles or ethics. The following are examples of 3D files which will be strictly refused:

  • Any content that exploits child sexuality
  • Any file that would constitute a firearm
  • Models that would aid in breaking the law

Reporting a Transgression of Property Rights

If you find a model that belongs to you on our site being used by an unauthorized third-party, you can contact us using our contact form specifically for signaling illicit content and to seek the appropriate legal reprocussions. 
In your message, please provide the following information: 

  • A link of the 3D model in question
  • A description of the illicitly displayed content
  • Justification proving the property is rightfully yours
  • An email address and phone number at which we can contact you

Sculpteo reserves the right to refuse an order even if it was not reported and was placed under ‘Private’ visibility, if the model seems to infringe on property rights, the law, or humane traditions.