3D print equipment for broadcasting

3D printing can be either used on a technical level to improve your equipment or on a marketing level to promote your brand and product in front of cameras

Discover the benefits of 3D printing for broadcasting...​

broadcasting 3d printing

Make your movie heroes become real

As a studio, create a service of customized figurines for your fans and take advantage of 3D printing that allows each design to be slightly different without requiring a whole new process. Make a personalized marketing for each customer to reinforce their enthusiasm and passion.

Create perfect objects for use in a TV show

Many accessories are needed to shoot a TV program or a movie. Most of them are unique and need to be printed only once, that’s why professionals of broadcasting often prefer 3D printing to manufacture because it’s easier, cheaper and faster.

broadcasting 3d printing
broadcasting 3d printing

Invent accessories to make your shooting easier

A lot of video and audio equipment is required on a shooting and that implies many peripheries and wires. Also, technology is changing very rapidly and a brand new camera can quickly become obsolete and need adapters.

For these reasons you’ll love the 3D-printing solution that allows you to create dedicated boxes for your camera that will embed all peripheries. Reduce the risk of breaking them while carrying or during manipulations.

Best broadcasting projects with 3D printing

broadcasting 3d printing

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