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Make the most of your design

Optimizing a design can be challenging when using traditional manufacturing processes such as CNC machines and injection molding, and that’s why most engineers have turned to 3D Printing. The complex shapes allowed in 3D printing are a substantial benefit that drives innovation in the Aeronautics & aerospace industry.

Indeed, thanks to the additive manufacturing technology, you can easily create complex geometries, with reduced weight and more design freedom in general. You can also reduce assembly time thanks to jigs and fixtures inserted directly in your design for 3D printing.

A cost-effective and little series production adapted technology

The high cost of aeronautics development is partially explained by ineffective amortization of tooling costs over a low production volume . With industrial 3D printing, whether your print one piece or a bigger series, there is no impact on the amortization as you don’t need to create a mold. Thus, the additive manufacturing process is perfectly tailored for short series production for aerospace companies.

3d printing space eyesat
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Master the prototyping process

The aforementioned benefits: design flexibility, no tooling requirements, and cost-effectiveness are keys to a successful prototyping process and manufacturing process. With Sculpteo’s online 3D printing service, your parts are 3D printed and shipped within a week, allowing you to quickly move forward in the rapid prototyping process.

3D printing in aerospace can help you save precious time by removing the unnecessary steps of assembly. With the freedom to design items with integrated assembly, you are not bound to creating separate pieces that take time to put together.

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3d printing space eyesat

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3d printing aerospace aeronautics industry

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