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medical tools 3d printing

3D printed medical devices: create custom-made products for your patients

Save precious time and create truly comfortable solutions for your patient with custom-made  medical devices thanks to additive manufacturing. Indeed, being patient specific is key when it comes to healthcare, and the 3D printing process is perfect to overcome this challenge. Many 3D printed medical devices can be made, such as hearing aids, prosthesis or prosthetic hands.

A revolutionary offer for the medical market

3D printing and healthcare are strongly linked. The flexibility and reactivity needed to bring an idea to the first prototype and then to the first series in a very short time are brought by 3D printing technology. Producing prosthesis, orthosis, and other medical tools is not just for large industrial companies. 3D printing prosthetics, or using 3D printed implants, is actually becoming more and more common.

3D printed implant for the medica industry
3d printed tools for medical industry

As educational material or to prepare for surgery

Reduce the risks with educational three-dimensional representations and pre-surgery training by practicing the slightest action on your 3D printed pieces. Our professional 3D printers allow you to get an accurate anatomic reproduction of the part on which you will perform. From the medical imagery of each patient, or a 3D medical file databank, Sculpteo is able to 3D print your example for educational representations and pre-surgery training.

Spare parts: Increase the efficiency of your supply chain

Sculpteo keeps your 3D files on an online platform, making them easily accessible to your clients or distributors everywhere and at any time to an order on demand. We produce mechanical articulated pieces of different sizes (up to 70 cm for one print) in order to limit the number of components you have to use in your medical device.

3d printed tools for medical industry

Best medical projects with 3D printing

3d printed tools for medical industry

3D printed medical tools for surgery

3d printed tools for medical industry

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3d printed tools for medical industry

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