Sustainability report

How is 3D printing helping to face one of the biggest challenges ahead: Sustainability

What's inside?


Do 3D printing users have sustainability objectives in their business?

Role of 3D Printing

What role can 3D printing play to face these new challenges and what are the improvements to make?


Comparing users’ responses following sustainability objectives in their business strategy and those who don’t. 

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Each year, Sculpteo conducts a significant study about the Additive Manufacturing industry to get the best insights and predict the future of 3D printing: The State of 3D Printing.

This year we decided to go further with a focus on sustainability, one of the biggest challenges ahead.


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Key Findings


of the respondents have goals in terms of sustainability. establishing that a significant majority of companies are determined to improve their processes and are ready to take action.



 think that a more prominent offer regarding sustainable materials could improve the sustainable development of 3D printing.


find that on-demand manufacturing is a sustainable advantage.

What are the main sustainable aspects 3D printing should improve?

Developing more recycling options for the 3D printed end-of-life part is a real challenge in the industry. Still, it seems to raise the interest of most 3D printing users willing to adopt more sustainable manufacturing habits. Even though most polymers used in 3D printing (powder and filaments) are thermoplastics and therefore are recyclable, their chance to get recycled seems unclear at the end of their lives.

sustainability report

How often do you use 3D printing?

Users involved in sustainable strategies tend to use additive manufacturing more frequently. We notice that 49% of people with sustainability objectives use Additive Manufacturing daily or at least a few times a week ; which is more than the average of other users in the study. These users might make the most of this technology to 3D print fewer parts more frequently, as they’re pointing out on-demand production as the strength of additive manufacturing.

sustainability report

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