3D Printed Wax

3D printing with wax is used to create a precise 3D mold out of a 3D file thanks to the 3D lost wax casting technique.

3D Lost wax casting (or investment casting) is a production process. The cast process mainly allows to produce customizable jewelry of very high quality and 3D design complexity in various printer materials, such as metals.

3D Printed Wax
Wax 3D Printed Concept Models

Global Process

The idea is to create concept models with 3D modeling and then 3D Print wax patterns of the desired object thanks to a wax 3D printer. Then, by adding a refractory material around this model we obtain a mold. Melting the wax filament inside the mold creates an empty space that is filled with the 3D printers material, molten metal. The only remaining step is to break the mold to obtain the final object. Variable finishing options for this 3D printing technology are then available

3D Printed Wax
Lost wax casting technique (or investment casting) framework with 3d printed casting patterns
Sterling silver jewels
3D printed jewelry produced with Sterling silver thanks to the a 3d printed model with wax

3D Printing Process

In the Additive Manufacturing industry, wax 3D printing is made with multi jet printers like the Projet 3500 CPX HD printer that is used at Sculpteo. Unlike filament printing technique, multi jet modeling process (MJM) looks a lot like ink jet technology. Molten wax filament is deposited by nozzles on an aluminum build platform that moves down, layer by layer. 3D Printers are able to simultaneously 3D print with two wax types:

  • The main one that melts around 70°C (depending on the wax type) and which actually creates the objects and the functional prototypes.
  • The one that supports the wax product during creation has a lowest melting temperature. It is removed at the end by heating the overall piece.

This support wax enables the creation of almost any form, even the most complex product designs and the most complicated wax patterns. 

This whole printing process can print products with an incredibly high resolution of 25 μm (0.025mm) between each layer which allows to create pieces with a virtually unlimited level of detail.

3D Printed Wax Properties

Wax used for Additive Manufacturing is made of 100% pure castable wax but can have various colours and properties.

3D Printed Wax Application

Wax printing is mainly used to create dental molds and 3D printing jewelry. This is this latest application that we propose at Sculpteo with our printing materials: brass material and sterling silver material. You can visit these material pages to see how you can use properly brass or silver as 3D printing material, to consult the safety data sheets and white paper for proper design guidelines, and to find their shipping info.

Perfect for customizable production, with wax printing you can create a personalized gold plated jewelry designs with your name!
3D Printed Wax
3D printing wax allows to create complex jewelry 3D forms

Are you convinced of the extraordinary potential of 3D printing with wax and want to order your personalized jewelry designs?

Getting started is easy if you have a design, upload it to Sculpteo to print it. Otherwise, browse our 3D printing marketplace where you can find a complete gift guide of our customers featured stories to find your dreamed gift. 

In case you have any questions about 3D printing with wax or any other rapid prototyping technique, do not hesitate to contact customer support.