Meshmixer: 3D Modeling Software

The MeshMixer software is a free product developed by AutodeskⓇ intended for easy creation of 3D mashups and remixes with specialized tools for 3D printing.

Meshmixer main screen

The MeshMixer software includes many features that were previously not available combined in a single product that is also free. Some of the main features include:

  • Mesh & Mix - Allows to easily combine multiple models in many creative ways;
  • Sculpt - Customize models as clay in real-time using different tools;
  • Stamp - Texturise models using different grid and pattern options;
  • Edit - Modify models and optimize them for 3D printing;
  • Analysis - Analyse different properties of the models (e.g. thickness, solidity, stability) related to 3D printing;
  • Print - Print your creation directly on a connected desktop 3D printer or by using an online 3D printing service like Sculpteo.

The main advantage of the MeshMixer software is that you can modify the 3D model without caring about it’s 3D topology. Namely the mesh-mix functionality is very powerful, it allows to easily attach one model to another where the software takes care about all the nuances related to the mesh modification. The interface is simple, first you choose the position where to attach the model, then you choose its orientation and it’s done. More information about the functionalities can be found in our MeshMixer tutorial .

Additionally MeshMixer can be used to 3D print your objects and offers functionalities useful for 3D printing. They are located in three category groups: Edit, Analysis and Print.

Edit tools

The Edit tools category contains functionalities that modify the model. The most notable functionalities used for 3D printing are the following:

  • Make solid - Recreate the model while making sure it's completely solid therefore making it 3D printable;
  • Hollow - Empty the interior of the model therefore reduce the material needed to 3D printing it;
  • Separate shells - Create different model from each separate shell therefore making it easier to manage them separately.

You can find more information about fixing your file in the “ Fix your files ” ebook.

Analysis tools

The Analysis tools category contains functionalities that analyse the structure of the model and its physical properties. All of the tools are mainly used when you intend on printing your 3D creation. Some of the included tools are:

  • Inspector - Identify problematic areas on the model and try to repair them automatically;
  • Thickness - Verify the thickness of the model and identify thin spots where breaking can potentially occur;
  • Layout/Packing - In the case your model contains multiple shells, this tools allows you to check the distance between each shell to be sure that it's more than the minimum distance for the selected material.

For more information about the analysis tools, please refer to the “ Make sure your 3D model is closed ” paragraph of the MeshMixer tutorial

Print tools

The Print tools category contains the functionalities that provide the final preparation for 3D printing your model. Here you can choose the printer or the printing service that you want to use as well as the material that you want. In the case the you want to print your 3D model using the online 3D printing service, the file is automatically uploaded and the price is calculated. Then the only thing left is to order the print.


The MeshMixer software can also export your model in different formats. The formats supported by both MeshMixer and our service are stl, obj, collada and wrl. For a complete list of supported file formats on Sculpteo please refer to the Upload 3D file formats blog post.