SpaceClaim Software: 3D modeling computer-aided design (CAD) software

About SpaceClaim

SpaceClaim is a 3D modeling computer-aided design (CAD) software developed by SpaceClaim Corporation and purchased by ANSYS in May, 2014.


What is SpaceClaim used for?

SpaceClaim was first released in 2007 as “SpaceClaim 2007 Professional” with the intention to improve the CAD process by making geometry manipulation faster, easier, and more intuitive for the user. Designed for mechanical engineering, SpaceClaim and utilizes direct modeling to generate models with four primary tools: pull, move, fill, and combine. There have been 11 versions of SpaceClaim software since 2007, with the most recent being “ANSYS SpaceClaim 2015” which was released in November of 2014.

SpaceClaim uses a direct modelling style, where file manipulation is quicker and easier than feature-based software. When comparing SpaceClaim vs. Solidworks (a feature-based modeling style), SpaceClaim offers significant advantages in terms of speed and ease of use, and can manipulate any geometry regardless of the original file type- including STL files! However, unlike Solidworks, SpaceClaim does not have a feature history, which means that you cannot edit the previous sketches or features later on in design. For best results, it is suggested that you make edits to the resulting solid structure.

SpaceClaim features:

What is the difference between SpaceClaim and Design modeler?

Design modeler is more of a conventional tool for modeling. It doesn’t have smart features such as copy, paste, etc. The commands are not in numbers, making it more time-consuming and tricky. DM is best suitable for simple geometries and basic parts. 


SpaceClaim is a far more advanced modeler with smart features like undo, copy, and paste. Additionally, you can easily make more complex geometries with an extensive command base. You can switch views efficiently, and it is suited for complex modeling. 

SpaceClaim: List of Formats

SpaceClaim can import the following file types:

DXF, DWG, Parasolid, IGES, STEP, ACIS, STL, ProE, Solid Edge, VRML, OBJ, STL, NX, CATIA, Solidworks, Rhinoceros

SpaceClaim can export the following file types that are supported by Sculpteo:

DXF, IGES, Rhino, SketchUp, STEP, STL, VRML, OBJ

SpaceClaim is a commercial software but you can ask for a 15 days trial. Educational Licenses are also available with discounts. You can also view SpaceClaim designs with the SpaceClaim Web Viewer , which lets anyone open and view SpaceClaim designs no download required!

The SpaceClaim webpage has a list of tutorial essentials for getting started. For information on how to prepare your model for 3D printing using SpaceClaim, check out our SpaceClaim tutorial on our 3D Printing Tutorials page. These resources will make modeling your object for 3D printing a breeze with SpaceClaim!

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