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Beginner in 3D design? Create models directly online with Sculpteo, without using a 3D software.

Posted By sculpteo on Apr 15, 2010 | 0 comments

To hear the word “3D software” causes you an allergic reaction or you think that it is too hard for you ?
Don’t panic !
You have also the ability to create your own customized objects and surprise your family or friends.

Sculpteo has launched online creation modules : it is up to you to test them, to play with these new functionalities, to create your own models, then to order their 3D printing to receive your objects at home.

1. Give relief to your 2D images

From an image file (jpg, png, gif…), you can add relief by using different ways :

If the result doesn’t fit with your expectations, don’t forget that this method is particularly adapted for drawings, engravings or sketches. If your image has too many details, it will cause interferences to obtain the best 3D effect.
To give relief to a more complicated image (for example landing pictures or portrait), keep in mind to work on the image before uploading it on the website : simplify it, play with the contrats to highlight the elements to be put in relief.

2. Create geometric forms

Play with simple or more elaborate forms, by deforming them, and adding some colors.
Become a 3D designer of your own, and offer your creations to your family and friends !

3. Create a text in 3D

An application program which gives a lot of ideas !

To placard on the door of the children’s room, on the letterbox…

To decorate your home with big letters to put on a shelf…

To make a seating plan…

And all the ideas you may have if you like playing with words…

4. Create your free key ring

The essential object !
Sculpteo proposes to you the possibility to create your own customized key ring, to make your relatives want to have one too.
Therefore, it’s free so it’s up to you now !

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