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Fabaroni: a pasta 3D printer made from scratch

Posted By sculpteo on May 31, 2011 | 0 comments

Fabaroni was a project from the How to Make (Almost) Anything Class of Fall 2007 (MIT) who decided to build a 3D Printer from scratch. They started to test the best material to use for this project. They choose food. After several tests they selected Pasta Dough.

“We looked at inspirations from prior fab folks who had built 3D printers from scratch, and decided to loosely follow the Fab@Home design […] We were still undecided about whether we should use a material that required melting, or just one that requires shearing to flow […] Food was chosen because its easy to obtain, non-toxic, and easy to clean up […] Eleven food items (or combinations) were tested using syringes and nozzles in the CBA lab [cheese wiz, chocolate, chocolate sauce, marshmellow fluff, vanilla frosting, gummy bears, marzipan, oiled marzipan, pasta dough and peanut butter]. Group members tried to make single lines, taller structures, and looked for stable consistency. The winner was Pasta Dough for its good structure and speedy drying properties (good consistency, hardens pretty quickly, flows well)”

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