The MWOOS can be 3D printed for you by Sculpteo

3D Print Your Own Adorable MWOO Creature with Sculpteo

Posted By on Jun 18, 2012 | 0 comments

The MWOOS are cute little creatures that you can have 3D printed for you by Sculpteo.

Personnalize your own MWOO thanks to the 3D customization tool from and have your creature 3D printed in colours just for you.

The MWOOS are the lovable result of a collaboration between At-Once, Adele R. Design, Octarina, 3DVIA and Sculpteo.

Take a look at the SuperMWOOS, the very limited edition of your MWOOS with super power. Available in 6cm or 10cm, the SuperMWOOS are made in France at Sculpteo and shipped directly to you.

Share your MWOO pics on the Facebook page and let’s start the movement!

Go on to create your own MWOO.

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