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Autodesk Integrates Sculpteo’s Technology!

Posted By Sculpteo on Jul 6, 2012 | 0 comments

We are glad to announce that Autodesk has integrated Sculpteo 3D Printing Cloud Engine! It means that you can now have your 3D creations fabricated directly from 123D in the physical world by Sculpteo.


It works very simply: go in 123D Gallery, select one model or upload yours and click on “Edit or Fabricate”. It will let you follow a simple step-by-step for having your object 3D printed exactly as you want by us.

Choose your material, choose your size and have your 3D model fabricated for you in our facilities. You will be able to finish your order in our interface, very nicely embedded into Autodesk website. Congrats to both Autodesk and Sculpteo software team!

We take care of the 3D printing so that you can receive your object at your doorstep in a few days.

Source picture: Autodesk 123D

123D by Autodesk is a free software suite used worldwide by an extremely large and active community of users. Everyone can start creating in 3D with 123D. One of the strength of this software is the huge database of models already available when you download it. From them, you can play with shapes until you create the design you want. You can play with a bunch of smart tools that let you transform shapes easily: dynamic push-pull, patterns, symmetry, edge tweaking for example.

At Sculpteo, we strongly believe that 3D Printing in the Cloud also means more and more integration with innovative 3D softwares. We are already supporting a large number of 3D softwares and gallerys , and counting. A strong and necessary path towards the Third Industrial Revolution.

Download 123D and try 3D printing with Sculpteo. Let us know what you think in the comments!


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