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Mineways is an open source program created by Eric Haines that lets you select a model from a Minecraft world map and have it 3D printed by a 3D printing service. Sculpteo is integrated with Mineways. We always have a great time 3D printing items from Minecraft gamers.

One of the item we 3D printed recently is getting a lot of attention and we totally think it deserves it. The model really rocks!

Sterling Babcock 3D printed his Minecraft Zen world Solamar at It looks fantastic! We used the Z Printer technologies to make his design come to life. It took almost 34 CAD versions of the model and 20 new features on Mineways before to get the item ready. It took us a few hours to create the piece and Sterling received it in the mail a few days later.

Admire the work of patience and precision!

As one of sub-Reddit Minecraft user said: “this looks like candy”. The yummy piece is now available on… and Sterling is now working on an even better version, the number 45 so far!

We can’t wait to see how it will look like!

Here are more pictures from the Minecraft Solamar Flickr Set:

And you, which Minecraft item did you 3D print recently?


  1.  Hello! This is Sterling Babcock, the creator of this model! A few comments:

    goal was to create an example of everything I could in Minecraft,
    including all the regions and all the blocks in as small an area as
    possible for reduced cost. I settled on 20 x 20 x 20 blocks to show both
    the above ground and below ground objects. I have a farm, house, sheep,
    crops, and water on top. Below I have mining, ore, stronghold, rails,
    mob spawner, desert area, nether, and even the End! The scale here is 3 mm per minecraft block so about 6 cm cubed as a finished product.I was impressed with how well the model turned out from Sculpteo. The chair on the deck has signs as arms and they did not break off. The trees had no problem with their 1 block trunk, and the lamp posts worked on their fattened fencepost base. The only thing that did not make it is the potted plant (behind the deck chair). Those are really tiny though.A few clarifications of the text above, as it does not seem clear to me in the English translation above:This is version 34 of the model. Each version was hundreds of changes to make it just right in Minecraft for 3D Printing. After printing I found there were MANY lessons I could have learned from the printing. For example, the underground is too dark. I should have made the ground level removable so that you could see underground. To that end I have been working on a new version of the model, currently at version 50. It again has hundreds of changes over this model to make the printing come out even better! For example: The ground level is removable, the levels are connected with fences so that you don’t have to file it, the Nether region extends far back to the left now, to give the illusion of a much larger area. Really it is just a bunch of minor tweeks to make it look cooler. It looks substantially the same. I am working on finishing up those changes and will post the updated model then. Unfortunately, I really doubt I will be able to print the updated version for myself, though.

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  2. Sigh. I wish that I had not messed up the formatting of that reply so badly.

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