Discover Kiosk : a mobile 3D printing truck

Kiosk: Inspiring Mobile 3D Printing Truck

Posted By on Nov 8, 2012 |

Kiosk is a mobile 3D printing truck created by the Belgian design studio Unfold. Have a spontaneous and urgent idea to 3D print? Find the nearest 3D printing kiosk in your city and get your object in a few minutes.

Kiosk is for now a prototype that has been exhibited at After the Bit Rush, Design in a Post-Digital Age. There are still many limitations for having 3D printing trucks in our cities. The main one that I see is time: it would be much longer to 3D print a cup than to make a burrito. Another one is file repairing: making sure you will get a functioning and beautiful object out of the printer requires knowledge and work.

But we totally love this idea!

Pictures by Unfold

Think about us as your mobile 3D printing truck, always there when you need it!

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