Discover the coolest 3D printing photo booths.

A Round-Up of 3D Printing Photo Booths !

Posted By on Nov 21, 2012 |

3D printing photo booth are getting a lot of attention these days… We are excited to see that there is a great interest for a more and more personal use of 3D printing.

We have been creating 3D printed figurine of yourself for more than three years now! Our Figurine Workshop is one of the most popular. We are actually working on improving even more our service. Stay tuned! It will be ready soon…

Before that, we wanted to propose you a round-up of some of the coolest 3D printed photo booths.

In Tokyo

Omote 3D Shashin Kan is a Japanese pop-up portrait studio that fabricate 3D printed figurines of yourself. It takes about 15 minutes for the artist behind the project to scan your entire body, including every details of your outfit. A month later, you receive your exact replica. A gorgeous miniature sculpture of yourself. It costs between $264 and $528 depending of the size you want, from 10cm to 20cm tall. If you live in Tokyo, you have until January 14 to try it!

In New-York

Makerbot just opened a 3D printing photo booth in its New York City store. You can come take a scan of your face and have it 3D printed in plastic with their latest device. Less precise, but fun too…and cheaper: it costs about $25 to scan and 3D print your head at the store.

And everywhere!

ScanBooth is a 3D printing photo booth that has been presented to the Pittsburgh Mini Maker Faire. In 7 hours, around 40 people left with a 3D print of themself! ScanBooth is a collection of software for running a 3D Photo Booth. It is integrated with Sketchfab, that will present its service at the next WebGL meetup in San Francisco.  ScanBooth is available on GitHub for anyone wanting to create its own 3D Photo Booth!

Get ready for more 3D printing photo booths! It looks like it is just the beginning!

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