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Get a free model from Forme It, the new online repository for high quality file.

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The number of online repositories for 3D files is exploding on the web. Especially when it comes to 3D printing, there has been a huge interest on building viable databases to directly print an object. While lots of marketplaces are based on crowdsourced content, Forme It, a new online repository, chose to build its service on high quality files only and is therefore producing its own content through high quality scans.

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John Barlow, director of Forme It, sees his service as a way for designers to cut off time consuming tasks. By using 3D files from Forme It, designers can either directly apply a variety of textures to their design or they can re-work scanned forms without having to generate it entirely. On this particular issue, John Barlow, stated:

“By  helping  streamline the time spent modelling – while enhancing, not compromising, the level of detail – I believe Forme It will be a key part of the new and exciting 3D printing ecosystem that is expanding every day.”

The Forme It team also launched a Youtube Chanel. Its purpose is to host tutorials, where profesional modellers explain how to edit scanned models.

At launch, users will be able to access over 100 digitised objects within three distinct subsections: Reference, Classic and Modern. Reference consists of scanned objects from the urban and natural world, including shells, antlers, crystals and insects.

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Classic is made up of functional design pieces – like cups or mugs – that can be transformed into unique designs or used as such.

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Modern includes curated, digitised works by up-and-coming designers that are ready for 3D printing.

The 3D Printing Industry website teamed up with Forme It to offer a 500$ voucher for your favorite 3D printing service. To enter the Forme It contest, you will have to answer this question: “If you could scan anything from the natural world to include in your design what would it be?”. To submit an entry users must tweet a picture of their suggestion together with a link to the competition page and use the hashtags #scanpls #formeit.

Also, Forme It is giving away one free model for Sculpteo blog readers. The first 10 persons who contact us at will receive a link to freely download a scan of the stripped shell model on Forme It.

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Sculpteo is welcoming Forme It among the 3D printing community! Congratulations on the new service!



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