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Create your 3D models with Leap Motion and get a 3D print from Sculpteo

Posted By Arthur Cassaignau on Jan 9, 2014 | 0 comments

As a wise philosopher once said, we are living in a material world. While virtual objects are great, there’s something amazing about being able to hold something in your hand. And now the Leap Motion let’s you do just that.

Last month, they released Freeform, a new creative tool for their controller. With this app, you’re able to sculpt 3D models out of thin air with your fingers. Impressive. But it gets even better. They integrated our 3D Printing Cloud Engine to let any user the possibility to order a 3D print directly from the app. WOW!

The app is completely free in their online shop. You’ll find it here.

They just released a post on LEAP MOTION’s blog to show you how to bring your Freeform creations to life with the power of our 3D Printing Cloud Engine, from bits to atoms in five easy steps!

Create your object.

Freeform is a powerful creative tool that lets you sculpt clay in the air. You can explore alternative materials such as glass and plastic, reach into a wide variety of sculpting tools, and even paint your creation. Here’s a cup that we created in Freeform:


Upload your object to Sculpteo. In Freeform, navigate to the Object menu and select 3D Print to instantly upload your creation to Sculpteo – an online 3D printing service that ships worldwide. You can even view and embed your object online.

Choose the material and customize your creation.

For the new comers, once the file is uploaded to our website, it works exactly like any other object. This means you can choose the size, the color, the material and even add texture or text to the design.

You’ve the option of printing your object in plastic, resin, silver, ceramic, wax, and alumide. You can read about each material’s texture, strength, and other properties on here.

The larger your object is, the more it will cost. You can precisely control the size of your object in Sculpteo before ordering. Once you complete and confirm your order, Sculpteo will ship your creation to you.


A week after making the order, LEAP MOTION’s team received their cup arrived in the mail:


You can create almost anything with Freeform and Sculpteo – from custom jewelry and figurines to special keepsakes.

Feel free to their your creation with both  @LeapMotion  and us (@sculpteo) or with the hashtag #printmyleap.

Many thanks to Leap Motion’s team for their amazing work and trust!

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