Discover StaX: a Lego bricks for cylinder-shaped containers

StaX Launches Kickstarter Campaign and 3D Printing Design Contest for Modular Containers

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StaX is like Lego bricks for cylinder-shaped containers. Each modular piece — bottom, top and middle — is machined aluminum available in 8 colors and stackable to suit all your containing needs.

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Some great examples of StaX utility is an expandable coin jar and an organized way to store your tools. But Craig and Zach, the engineers behind StaX, want to see what other people do with their design. So in addition to the StaX Kickstarter campaign, they’ve also launched a design contest on GrabCAD.


The StaX accessory design challenge asks designers to create 3D printable accessories compatible with StaX. You can 3D print these accessories with Sculpteo.

Craig and Zach have uploaded some starter files which you can download from GrabCAD and modify. (At the very least, you’ll want to start with a file labeled “StaX – Thread Interface Starter” so you know the threads on your accessory will make with the StaX system.)

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The contest has nearly 50 entries and runs for another 28 days. We love the 3D printable Tic-Tac-Toe mod, hand juicer, and elbow connectors.

StaX needs $49,000 to mass-produce their aluminum containers. They’ve reached over 10% of their goal, and have 20 days left to fund their project. Backing starts at just $5, and rewards range from an animated gif fist-bump-high-five to complete StaX kits with your color choice of containers plus 3D printed accessories.

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