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Announcing the New Upload and Checkout

Posted By Alex on Mar 27, 2014 | 0 comments

Hi, I’m Alex, in charge of User Experience here at Sculpteo. I thought I’d take a minute to let you know about some changes that we’ll be rolling out over the coming weeks, starting with new upload and checkout forms.

After working with some of our users over the past few months at our meetups and events, we found our users are generally happy with our features, but they sometimes felt things could be clearer. We’ve been making things a little more focused on the task at hand, so let’s have a look…

Upload, sharing options now front and center

New Upload form

New Upload form

The upload form has been split into two parts to highlight what’s most important at each stage and to avoid any confusion. Now when you upload a file, the first thing you see is the upload zone and file visibility. Just drag and drop your 3D file or browse for one, to start uploading. You can choose to keep your file private, or to make it public. Our change of the default choice to private helps avoid any confusion and to ensure that even if you make a mistake, your privacy takes precedence. You can always change it on the next screen or in the design’s settings.

While your file uploads, you can fill in the rest of your design’s details, including more granular control of the sharing options and new categories such as jewelery.

A Checkout that keeps you informed

New Checkout screen

New checkout

Going through the checkout is always an important moment. Did I remember all the items I wanted to order? Did I give the right address? Did the shipping option include tracking? Making things as clear as possible helps everyone.

So we’ve rehauled the checkout to present all of the important information about your order at the right time. A simple glance to the right lets you know what you’re ordering, where it’s going, what shipping method you chose, any coupons or discounts you’ve applied and more.

Of course, these updates should make ordering your 3D prints easier and more transparent, but if you have any comments, suggestions or ideas for how we can do better, please leave a comment, or even to get in touch directly at [email protected]

Now, go 3D print something! 😀

Upload a file
Upload a file
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