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Posted By Arthur Cassaignau on Apr 9, 2014 | 0 comments is a new web application that lets you create customized jewelry of your name and the name of your loved one. It has been thought as a way to create amazing gift for couples and family. Through a simple interface, you’re able to add two names on an existing heart design and have it printed as a pendant, necklace or keyring.

Black Plastic 2

For this project, Dassault Systèmes imagined a very easy and elegant way to integrate names directly on a design. They collaborated with us to make sure the design will be printable in our polished plastic, alumide and mirror polished silver materials. The goal of the whole project was to allow everyone to create its customized piece of jewelry without having any 3D modeling skills.

Blue Plastic
Blue Plastic 2

Benoit Ravez was the one who imagined the design of this project. He’s also developed the script used by Catia to generate each unique design.


The effort put by the team behind the project is really impressive. They came up with a way to just type two names and create a beautiful design with it.


You can order the generated pendant or keychain in two different sizes (25mm and 35mm) and three different materials: plastic, alumide and silver. Check out the small video:

With Mother’s Day coming up, it might be a thoughtful gift customized by you and 3D printed. Let us know what you think about this new beta version and help us spread the word about it.

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