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3D printing is an exciting world for sure. Every week, innovations are devised, 3D designers get creative: there’s always something to discover when it comes to additive manufacturing. Here is some cool and interesting news of the week.


The first 3D printed castle

3D printed castle Sculpteo
Several months ago, everyone was talking about it. A chinese company created its own technology to 3D print 10 houses in a day. Andrey Rudenko had even bigger schemes in mind. This american engineer designed his own 3D printer, which allowed him to build a 12 feet high castle in Minnesota. “A new era of architecture is inevitable, and I’m excited to see where the next few years will lead in terms of construction and design” Rudenko says on his website. Can’t wait to see the evolution of this great technology.

Build your own 90’s Macintosh with a Raspberry Pi and 3D printing

Macintosh Pi

It’s well known now: 3D printing and Raspberry Pi are two of the best tools to make makers from all over the world thrilled, with all of the great projects that come to life. Adafruit’s Mini Mac Pi is one of those. They created a really simple, but brilliant nonetheless tutorial to 3D print, build and assemble its own Mac Pi – a 90’s Macintosh made from Raspberry Pi, 3D printing, and DIY electronics. Discover this exciting project.

Chinese doctors use 3D printing to rebuild half of a man’s skull

3D printed skull

Ten months ago, Hu, a 46 years old chinese worker, fell from the third floor of a building. The fell severly damaged his head, skull and brain. Because of this accident, he’s now suffering post traumatic skull defect, and has serious troubles with his vision and speech. The best solution surgeons came up with is a 3D printed titanium mesh which would cover Hu’s brain, and help his skull look normal again. Another example of how 3D printing is becoming crucial in the medical field.

Get even more social with the noPhone


This amazing phone is not only entirely 3D printed, but it is also revolutionary in the way it makes you closer to your relatives and friends. It doesn’t need any update, no battery recharge, it is totally shatterproof, and waterproof. Actually, this incredible device is so great, because it’s not real: noPhone is just a surrogate smart mobile. Take a look at this cool initiative.


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