Saint-Tropez has now its official candle, thanks to 3D printing

Saint-Tropez has now its official candle, thanks to 3D printing

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What is the relation between Sculpteo and Saint-Tropez ? A candle ! But not any candle… An artisanal candle reproduction of the famous Saint-Tropez bell tower ! Entrepreneur, Philippe Vogelweid, got the idea of producing the product. His ambitious goal is to make his candle the official specialty of Saint-Tropez and his business could start thanks to Sculpteo and the advantages of 3D printing technology.



Before producing as many candles as he wanted, Philippe Vogelweid first needed a mold – and molds are not easy to craft, especially when they must look exactly like the bell tower of Saint-Tropez. Even if the bell tower does not have complicated shapes, still it is quite difficult to make a master (the prototype used to make molds) with the right dimensions. Philippe Vogelweid did not know how to manage this issue, and thankfully, someone suggested that 3D printing would be a convenient solution: 3D printing provided a cheap and easy way to manufacture a master that looks exactly like the bell tower.

Philippe Vogelweid did not know anything about 3D printing and after some research, he discovered Sculpteo. Sculpteo’s main role was to create a 3D model from the blueprints of the bell tower. After generating the 3D models, Sculpteo printed the masters in different sizes, from 10 to 28 centimeters. The material used was plastic, a perfect and affordable choice for making prototypes. Philippe Vogelweid was very surprised and pleased to see the quality of the product and efficiency of Sculpteo:

“Sculpteo played a major role to carry my project from idea to reality. Without them, the manufacturing process would have been slower and more difficult. I could not expect a better service!”
église saint-tropez plan face

blueprint of the bell tower



Since, he released his collection of bell tower candles in jasmine, lavender, patchouli, lemongrass… You can now find them everywhere in Saint-Tropez, in different scents, sizes and colours! By the way, they have been blessed by the priest of the city and dedicated by Brigitte Bardot!

Next April, Philippe Vogelweid will launch some other miniature bell towers, but this time in chocolate. He has many projects in mind, and will likely utilize 3D printing with Sculpteo to make them happen.

If you are interested into purchasing a Saint-Tropez candle, you can check the official Facebook page of the product.

candle thumb

a candle of the bell tower of Saint-Tropez

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