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Introducing our new Economy Plan on Plastic Order

Posted By Arthur Cassaignau on Mar 5, 2015 | 6 comments

Take it slow! 3D printing has transformed manufacturing from slow and arduous to rapid and easy – but sometimes you just don’t need all that speed! If time is not of the essence, get up to 30% off your print by choosing our new Economy Plan available on your plastic orders. 

Some are doing hardcore prototyping at the speed of sound, but others don’t have so much of a need for speed – and they have the time to wait more than a week for their parts. That’s why we’re offering different production options on plastic. These options lets you decide whether you want your part delivered as soon as possible – or you can save some money and have it sent a few days later.

The way it works is pretty simple. If your order qualifies for the Economy Plan, we’ll display a notifications to let you know if you can benefit from this offer.

You’ll find the first notification on the “Print” page, you’ll find two alerts when you select any plastic material in the standard printing resolution – it will be located directly under the price.

You’ll also find the ‘Economy Plan’ plastic under the materials section on the print page.

Economy Plan bis

The “Economy Plan” offer is shown just under the price and in the material section.

Keep in mind that an order that qualifies for the Economy Plan doesn’t mean it is automatically selected. You make the ‘Economy Plan’ selection in your cart when you review your order. If any of the products in your cart qualify for an Economy Print, you’ll see an icon, which will allow you to select the shipping option.

To make sure, you’ve selected the correct production offer, we’ve added an horizontal slider to let you pick the one your prefer. By selecting the Economy plan, the cart automatically updates the price to fit the up to 30% reduction you’re getting.


Just click on the option you prefer in the slider.

Note that if you have several items with different shipping dates (because one is Economy and another is not), a good way to avoid shipping delays is to order both separately.

This new offer is permanent and applies to our plastic material with some restrictions though. For now, we’ve excluded our Batch Control features and our 60µ printing resolution from this new production offer.

If you have any question, feel free to shoot us a mail.

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