FashionLeak plans to 3D-print your clothes in Paris

FashionLeak is planning to 3D print your clothes in Paris

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Paris could become the Capital of 3D-printed Fashion in a few months thanks to the prospective FashionLeak project. Researchers, fashion design schools, engineering schools and Sculpteo are combining their skills to imagine a place where Parisians will benefit from the latest technology to create and customize their wardrobe.

A few days ago, the research institute Harris Interactive published a survey on how French people imagine to live in 2035.  Many of them answered that a 3D-printer will be in every home. And 57% of the respondents wish that they could 3D-print their clothes with it. Even 10% are dreaming to skip the shopping hours of the week-end, and promise to never buy in a shop anymore (if you’re interested to discover which technologies are expected to be in our everydaylife – you can read the whole article in French here).

FashionLeak ambitions to make this exciting idea come true only in a couple of years. This project is born from the desire of SCAU architects to create a place of convergence between legacy and technics, to make Paris a capital of E-Fashion.

The textile industry is basically part of the history of the City of Paris and the fashion design is one of the richest Parisian artistic forces, alive and radiant. From Yves Saint Laurent to Jean-Paul Gaultier, innovation is in genes of Parisian tradition; but one can say that the prestigious events of Fashion Week – parades, etc. – and the Haute-Couture world became over time closed to Parisians themselves. FashionLeak is thought as a cooperative gathering shared spaces and shared production tools. A place where students, start-ups, fashion-designers, researchers, general public and Sculpteo teams could build relationships and invent how will be designed and produced  Fashion tomorrow.

This dream-project – presented in the transdisciplinary competition “Réinventer Paris” – has been designed and set up by SCAU in collaboration with many prestigious parisian schools and partners:

We except to know if the project is short-listed by the Paris Mayor in July.  Meanwhile, the whole project team is eager to share with you news and start to imagine what this place should be and what you could do. A mailing list and a facebook page has been created to give news about the project and to start the discussion. Stay tuned!


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