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The top 18 3D printing resources you should know about

Posted By Guillaume Paye on Jul 15, 2015 | 1 comment

More and more players are positioned in the 3D printing market, but where are the good 3D printing resources? Who are the pioneers in the field? Who should you follow to be more aware about 3D printing news ?

We are going to answer all these questions through this list of blogs, bank of tools and models, social networks, and a few websites to keep inform about coming events.


Blog / news :


Resources Description
3Dprinting industry This website is a blog which talks about the 3D printing industry. It deals with actualities of hardwares (printers, scans) and softwares which use to make 3D files, but also with all  industries that could be concerned by 3D printing as food, jewels, aerospace etc.
TCT magazine: It’s an American magazine which releases publications on additive manufacturing, they show many innovations which are made by this technology. A category is reserved to actualities for 3D modeling software. We also can find their blog with all articles listed by author.
disruptive Disruptive is a website with 3D printing articles. They feature a blog, a magazine and we can find ebooks as well. There is also a resources section with many book references and tutorials. This website talks about actualities of 3D printing too. But in addition it has a forum which allows for a community element. This forum has different categories as well which deal with 3D printers, and upcoming events.
Techcrunch/3dprinting Techcrunch is a blog which writes articles about technologies in general with a prononced taste for entrepreneurship and breakthrough innovation. They publish frequently articles on 3D printing. To find only their 3D printing articles, you can search specifically for 3D printing.
Fabbaloo Fabbalou is a website which talk about 3D printing news. You can subscribe on this blog to their newsletter.We can find in their website an interactive 3D printer buying guide. You just have to answer to a short series of questions to find the perfect 3D printer for your project. In this website, you can find a lot of intersting things on 3D printing subect. proposes 3D printing and 3D printer news but also a price comparator between differents 3D printers, a top 100 of the best 3D printing blogs and a video category which show us interviews, applications, and of course 3D printing videos.
On 3D printing On 3D printing is a blog which talk about 3D printing actualities with posts and videos. This blog has a “3D printing week” which talk about the top 3D printing news of the week.
3Dnatives 3D Native is a french blog where you can find a lot of resources as news, 3D printer comparator, tests, directory, calendar, forum and also or jobs offer.


3D printing industry:



Blog/news: 3dprinting


Models / Tools :


Resources Description
Cg-trader Cg-trader is a platform which groups together a lot of 3D models that we can buy.We can find a challenges page where designers can participate in a competition. The goal is to answer to a brief which ask participants to make a particular 3D model to win a price.We also find in this platform a 3D job section where user have the possibility to publish or answer to job offers. You can find listings of files to be repaired or created.
makingsociety This website has a set of resources for entrepreneurship particulary on hardware.We frequently find publication on 3D printing. Articles are regrouped on categories as funding, prototyping, sells marketing etc…This website have a poadcast part with a specific category for 3D printing.We also can find resources and recommandations on many books and a list of  3D printing shop.
Thingiverse Created by Makerbot, Thingsiverse is a platform where we can find a lot of 3D files ready to be printed. It’s a library of models which you can download free, and are accompanied with lots of information.





Models / Tools: Thingiverse


Social networks:


Resources Description
reddit It’s a community website of sharing links. This platform has a vote system which sorts publications. So famous publication will be on the top of the website.You can research a specific subject on Reddit. That allows us to keep in touch with different topics on 3D printing. We can find everything and anything on this social network.
Google + We can find on the Google’s Social network a large community around 3D printing. With more than 16,400 followers, the actuality of 3Dprinting is shared here.




Resources Description
3Dprintshow In touch with Disruptive, 3D print show is a website that list all events around 3D printing. We can subscribe to the differents 3D print show as the London 3D print show. We can find photos and videos of their past events. We could link to Sculpteo’s London 3DP Show blog post here.
Inside 3D printing Inside 3D printing is a website that puts forward events on 3D printing, all over the world. The website has actualities, a newsletter and descriptions on the past events.
TCT show This website shows Birmingham TCT events. We find conferences program, seminar, speakers list. We also find actualities on the sector.
Euromold Euromold is a world exhibition of additive manufacturing which is located in Germany, the website introduces events, gives dates and allows us to book our tickets. It gives informations for exhibitors, visitors and the press.


This is not an exhaustive list, but all those 3D printing resources are worth to give it a try if you want to learn more about 3D printing. And of course, you shouldn’t forget to check our blog regularly 😉

Don’t hesitate to comment this post and present us your favorite pick, we will check it.




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