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Need a 3D printed part within 48 hours? We got your back!

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Have you ever been in this situation where you need a part within 48 hours, otherwise all your plans are doomed? In the professional world, it’s not an unusual course of events. With 3D printing and the possibility to create quickly a part,  this specific case is becoming less stressful. Then what should you do the next time this emergency situation happened to you? We are going to explain to you how to use the service of Makerspaces and online 3D printing service when you need a 3D printed part within the 48 hours.


What are your options when you need a 3D printed part in 48 hours

Lately, Felix and Nicolas had this kind of stressful experience.

Felix is an engineer who loves to create 3D printing projects. He is well-skilled in CAD software and now how to use a 3D printer. He runs his own business and is flexible with his agenda.

Nicolas is a professional who knows all the benefits of 3D printing but never used a 3D printer for his own project. He also runs his own business but mainly lack of time in his agenda.

Both had an emergency this last Monday morning. They absolutely needed a mechanical part for the next Wednesday but couldn’t find it in any stores. Also, they don’t let themselves deter, and determined they looked for a solution with 3D printing.

As they don’t own a 3D printer, and neither of their friends, they have two options to get their part.

  1. Using the service a Marketspace.
  2. Using a 3D printing service.



Using a Markerspace service to get your 3D printed part within 48 hours


Felix, feels more comfortable with this option because he is used to dealing with a 3D printer. Also he has strong CAD skills, so he quickly designed the missing part during the Monday afternoon. After 2 hours of 3D modeling, he finally got his 3D file in a .stl format ! As soon as he got it, he goes to the closest Makerspace from his place: The Techshop.

Techshop paris makerspace

Once at the entrance, he asks how he could 3D print a part. Techshop’s team explain that they are two possibilities. Either he subscribes for a test week at 30 euros or a full month subscription with a minimum fee of 50 euros. He chooses to take the test week to see if he likes the Makespace before maybe subscribe for a longer time.

Then one of the Techshop team members helps him to prepare his printing. As it will last 6 hours, the print will have to run overnight. Indeed, the printers cannot be booked for more than 4 hours. But no worries, Felix can come the next morning at 9 am to take back his print.

The next morning, Felix arrives at the Techshop. His part had been successfully 3D printed and there are only two final steps to go: remove the support and finishings!





With the tools provided, he took care of his part and clean it.



He weights his part to see how much he has to pay for the filament used ( 0.20 euros /g).






His print weights 26 g and costs 5,2 euros. Thirty minutes later, for a total amount of 35,2 euros Felix leaves happy and relieved the Makerspace with his part.



Using a 3D printing service to get your 3D printed part within 48 hours


On the other side, Nicolas who is very busy with his daily tasks. He is not a very handy and doesn’t want to move from his desk to get his part. Then Nicolas asked a 3D designer to model the missing part on Monday to 3D print it for Wednesday.

Before picking this option, Nicolas took his precaution and has benchmarked the different 3D printing service. He realized that often, even if 3D printing is a quick way to produce it takes on average more than a week to get your object. At first worried, he found a faster solution with our Express Production service. Within 48 hours he will have his part, either way, Sculpteo will refund him the cost of the delivery AND the price of the part.

So he ordered the part online, with three easy steps.

1. He downloaded his file and get instantly a first quote of the price including the variation according to the different delivery options. He selects the express production option.



2. Sculpteo’s online tools check his part to make sure that there is no risk for printing fails.

3. The last screen allows him to order his part with all information on the delivery so he can be sure that he will get his part as soon as it’s finally 3D printed.





Good News Both Felix and Nicolas got their parts on time! Felix final part costs him 36€ and two hours of his time while Nicolas’ costs him 56 € and 10 minutes.



We do know how stressful a missing part can be in your professional and personal life. It’s the reason why we thought it would be interesting to show you how to deal in real time with this situation. We picked these solutions because they appeared to us to be as the more reliable and quicker for you. A Makerspace is a unique place to help you create anything at any time. Still, it’s important to remind that you will need some handy skills and a little of your time to commute and take care of your print. But what is time for a maker who works on his project?

Sculpteo’s service will be more suited for people who doesn’t have the time to take care of this problem and need someone to get their back ! If you want more details about the conditions of our Express production service or how we can help you, please contact us!

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