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Our guide to Makerspaces – Part 1

Posted By Claire Chabaud on May 18, 2016 | 0 comments

Have you ever been to a makerspace? They are very unusual places. Often, a community of enthusiasts can be found there, whether they’re individuals who are becoming technology do-it-yourselfers or professionals engaging in a new innovative project. Their common goal is to make digital manufacturing accessible to everyone. In recent years, these spaces have grown increasingly in number, equipment, and especially members. Also, since they all have their own specialty and character, we decided to go check them out to help you discover their world. Our guide to Makerspaces, as you will see, intends to take you into these different environments to help you find out which one(s) would be most appropriate for your projects.


In this first part of our guide to Makerspaces, we’re highlighting three Parisian Makerspaces: L’établisienne, Usine.IO and Carrefour Numérique


L’établisienne, a makerspace where you’ll feel at home

Just as soon as you enter l’Etablisienne you’re enveloped by the smell of fresh cut wood. Here, digital manufacture is combined with traditional woodwork. You’ll quickly be reminded of that feeling you had in your grandmother’s attic where every object seems to cross time and tell a story. Laurence Sourisseau, the founder, supported this project for a long time, to make it first and foremost a friendly and social place where everyone feels at home.






Need a workplace?

From 9 AM to 7PM or 10PM on wednesday you can rent a bench or work in the self-service workshops.

There are three tarrifing options:

What can you learn to make?

Workshops are mainly focused on Wood, Metal, Seats, Rattan and finishes.

The set of tools of this Makerspace is both traditionnal and digital. More specifically you’ll find:

– A laser Cutting and Engraving Mercury IIII

– A Miter Saw for WoodWorking

– A sewing Machine

– A FDM printer with PLA filament


Laurence Sourisseau tell us more about how she created this special atmosphere:





Usine IO, the Hardware Makerspace

When you go through Usine IO’s large and heavy black door, you may doubt yourself. But no, you aren’t in Apple’s new headquarters. You are in one of the largest makerspaces in Europe, which specializes in Hardware. Whether in offices, in the common room, or in the lab, there is an outpouring of young entrepreneurs who are only seeking one thing: innovation.





Need a workplace?

From 9 AM to 8:30PM you can work on your project at Usine.io.

There are two main tarrifing options:

  • 180 €/month for the classic option + 75€ of admission fee or 1800 €/ year
  • 540€/Month for the booster program

What can you learn to make?

There are two kinds of workshops.

The first one will help you to get familiar with the equipment and software. The team of Usine.io will teach you how to use wood CN, Plasma cutting, Laser cutting, CAD software or even electronic circuit.

The second one is called Protoschool. During summer, in one week you learn how to create your prototype using traditionnal and digital prototyping tools,  CAD software and Electronics.

You got it, this makerspace is the perfect place for you to create a disruptive product.

The set of tools of this Makerspace is both traditionnal and digital. They have an unique electronic and heat-hardening workshops. More specifically you’ll find:

–  Binder  Jetting 3D printer

– A thermoforming machine

– Low Frequency generator

– Four-axis vertical machining centre


Agathe Fourquet tell us more about how Usine.io is the ideal place for you to create your hardware product!


 Carrefour Numerique, the democratic fablab

In the heart of the Cité des Sciences, there’s a place where knowledge is created: the fablab. Completely free of charge and open-source, this place wants make technology accessible to everyone. To promote scientific emulation and discovery, this fablab has several features. There’s no membership fee, nevertheless they have a sophisticated equipment and requirement to document all your projects.







This Makerspace is above all a Fablab. Meaning that its purpose is to make easy the access to traditional and digital manufacturing to anyone to create an emulation. To enhance the creativity of everyone, each member has to describe his work to help and share with the community.


David Forgeron, the Fablab manager explains us more about the educational purpose of this place.




Thank you to L’établisienne, Usine.io and Le carrefour Numérique for their warm welcome and sharing their passion with us.

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