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Sculpteo Bike Project: From Paris to Las Vegas

Posted By Eole Recrosio on Jan 9, 2017 | 0 comments

The first steps (or spin of the wheels) of the Sculpteo Bike Project are finally happening! After several weeks of design, manufacturing and iterations, the designers went for a ride in Paris before letting the bike fly away to Las Vegas for CES 2017 where Clement Moreau, our CEO has ridden it in the streets of the city. In this article, discover the first rides of the Sculpteo Bike Project and the first step of the 1000 km travel with the bike!


The Sculpteo Bike Project in Paris

The Sculpteo Bike Project is progressing well. A few days ago, our designers Alexandre and Piotr took the bike in the streets of Paris for a little ride and a few pictures in the City of Lights. They went along the Seine and near the Eiffel Tower to try out the bike in the cold but beautiful Paris. 

Alex Bir Hakeim

Alexandre D’Orsetti under the bridge of Bir Hakeim

cloud effect and bike

Sculpteo Bike Project Eiffel tower

The designers and the Sculpteo Bike Project in front of the Eiffel Tower

Piotr et Tour Eiffel

Sculpteo Bike Project Light

The bike is very light thanks to the carbonMide 3D printed parts

sculpteo darwin bike


Flying Away to Las Vegas and CES 2017

After weeks of design and preparation, it is now time for the Sculpteo Bike Project to take the plane and fly away to Las Vegas for this year’s big event: CES 2017.

Our CEO Clément Moreau took it for a ride in the streets of Las Vegas. In front of the Bellagio and the fountains, he was greeted by curious.


To learn more about the Sculpteo Bike Project, you can visit this page and this first article about the design of the bike and how our designers have worked to create a digitally manufactured bike.

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