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Plywood , MDF and Acrylic laser cutting in a Local Production Center.

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We are improving our laser cutting service! Choose the preferred local production center to laser cut your parts faster and at a lower price. Available for three families of laser cutting materials (acrylics, plywood and MDF), the double catalogue feature allows you to take control over the digital factory and your production. Learn all the benefits and how to use our new produce locally option!


What is the purpose of a double catalogue?


Lower your cost

Choosing the closest production center for your laser cutting project allows to significantly reduce the cost of your delivery. If you want to order from Europe, it is recommended to choose the European catalogue (your parts will be produced in our French plant). Your laser cut parts will be the same quality but shipping costs will be cheaper.


Get your parts faster

By choosing the closest production center, you also reduce the turnaround and delivery time. As soon as you order your parts, the local production center starts producing the parts and gives it to the delivery service.
For parts ordered in our European catalogue, the time for cutting or engraving is approximately 5 working days and 4 working days for the American catalogue.
Keep in mind that the final time period is given on our platform as soon as you upload a vector file.


Environmental friendly

The last benefit of choosing the closest production center is the environmental aspect. Choosing a local plant rather than one located across the world reduces the environmental impact. Your object travels less and it costs less!


How to choose your plant location

When you first visit our website, a popup message will ask you to choose between 3 choices for your production center:

Double catalogue choice Sculpteo

In the first and second cases, when you upload a vector file, you see the materials and thicknesses available for your production center.
It is possible to modify it at any time. Here are the two options to do so:

  • In your account, click on preferences and go to the Produce locally option.
  • Once you’ve uploaded a vector file, you can click on the grey buttons to change between European or American Catalog or the Full Catalog.

Button double catalogue sculpteo

In the third case, you have access to the whole catalogue and can choose any material and thicknesses but if you order materials in both catalogues, you will pay the shipping twice.

For example, ordering a plywood maple (Only available in the US catalogue) part and a plywood poplar (Only available in the EU catalogue) part, this is how the shipping will be established:

  • Maple = shipped from US production center to your location.
  • Plywood = shipped from EU production center to your location.


You will have to pay the shipping for both production center.
To avoid it, we recommend you to group your orders by production centers.

To learn more about the double catalogue and the shipping cost, please visit this webpage.


What are the materials concerned by the double catalogue?

For now, the double catalogue is available in ⅛” for acrylics, plywood and MDF for parts laser cut in the US factory. Learn which material is available in which catalogue by visiting our material page or by uploading a vector file.
We will communicate about further expand of our offers in both catalogues.

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Acrylics are our largest material offer for laser cutting that’s why we decided to add this product to our US production center. In the image below, see all the colors and thickenesses available for each catalogue.

You can find it on the acrylic material page here.

double catalogue acrylics




For our US catalogue, we offer an exclusive essence of plywood: Maple. The tint of this wood is slightly orange and pink and gives a beautiful look to your laser cutting projects. Maple is also very good for engraving projects.

To learn more about it, please visit the Plywood material page.

Maple laser cut


Our MDF wood is available in standard tint in ⅛” for the US catalogue.

Try it now by uploading a vector file!

large logo drone mdf Sculpteo

If you want to learn more about the double catalogue feature, you can leave a comment or contact us on our website.

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