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The Reorder button makes your 3D print shop easier like “Amazon Dash”

Posted By Sculpteo on Feb 28, 2017 | 0 comments

Have you ever heard about the Amazon’s Dash button to reorder household essentials? At Sculpteo we haven’t created a connected device to press yet, but we add a Reorder button to save you time and make our 3D printing service even more convenient. 


How is the Reorder button working?

From now on, you can enjoy the convenience of only pressing a button to replenish your stock of 3D printed parts! We developed this new feature to help our frequent customers to save time. We also wanted to improve their 3D printing shopping experience. The Reorder Button – as it said – is only available on orders that have been already passed in our system. That means that you won’t find this button on your quotes.

Nevertheless, you’ll find this feature very convenient and easy to understand! When you press the button, it automatically adds every item from your former order into your cart. The Reorder button keeps all the settings for each design:

  • quantity
  • material selected
  • finish selected if any
  • And any tools you used on it (hollowing, batch control, custom orientation)

The Reorder button is smart: if you have already some items in your cart, he warns you that he will add this or these new item(s). He won’t delete anything from your current cart, just adding into your list.


Where to find the Reorder button?

The Reorder button is displayed where you can access to your past orders:

  • in your account page
  • in the order tracking page

Your account page displays your personal information and gives you access to the settings of your account, but it is also a recap of your order history. In your order history session, you’ll find a list of all your past order that you can now reorder very easily.


Sculpteo Reorder History


Another way to find this list is to get to the Order tracking page that you can find in our footer or in the confirmation email that we send on each order.


Order tracking reorder Sculpteo


For those worried about accidentally ordering a dozen times a former order, we are building in a few features to avoid Reorder button disasters. First the Reorder button leads you to the cart page, you still need to add your shipping details and your payment information to really pass a new order. You also get a notification when an order is placed, so you can cancel the shipment if someone pressed the button and made the all process by accident. In the near future, once you will press the button, you won’t be authorized to place another order until the first is delivered.


No doubt you will find it easy to use and convenient! Let us know in the comment section or by contacting us if you are willing new features to improve your 3D printing shopping experience and how we can help you be more efficient and save more time!

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