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Our Smoothing Beautifier Portfolio for 3D Printing

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In our quest to always offer new materials and finishes, our Research & Development team works hard to give you the best finishing options for your 3D printed object. Our online 3D printing service is now proud to offer a new finishing option: the Smoothing Beautifier!


A New Finish for 3D Printing

From our online platform, you obtain parts with various finishing options depending on the material you choose.

With our most known material, the polyamide plastic (PA12), you can obtain raw parts with a layer thickness of 100µm or 60µm, as well as polished, dyed or painted parts.

A few months ago, we released our new 3D printing finish: the Smoothing Beautifier.


Smoothing Beautifier for Plastic 3D Printing

With this new exclusive 3D printing finish, we are proud to say that the effects are very close to an injected molded surface quality. Our clients that ordered this new finish are very satisfied.

The physicochemical process gives parts a glossy and shiny surface like for injected molded parts. The process nearly eliminates the layer marks on the surface of your object.

This finish is available for our white plastic and our black dyed white plastic.


Smoothing Beautifier Specifications

This process is now qualified for our parts in white plastic (PA12) and our black dyed white plastic.

The maximum dimensions are 140x250x90 mm and the minimum dimensions are 15x15x0.5 mm. If your design includes holes, they must respect a minimal diameter of 3 mm.

The Smoothing Beautifier process adds three business days to the turnaround time on your black and white plastic parts. This means:

  • Express Production: not available
  • Standard production: minimum 7 business days
  • Economy Production: not available


Due to the nature of this patent pending process, results may vary from one part to another. The physicochemical reaction can indeed introduce transformations to the parts such as minor geometrical changes or a loss of detail. Designs that include very intricate geometries, hollowed parts or sharp angles/edges can suffer appearance transformations.


You can try it by uploading a file now !


Smoothing Beautifier Portfolio

Here is a gallery of some plastic parts finished with our smoothing beautifier.




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