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Special Discount: Get 14% off for Independence Day and Bastille Day!

Posted By Amandine Richardot on Jul 4, 2017 | 0 comments

As you know, we have offices both in the United Stated and in France. And July is an important month for our American and French friends! Indeed, they celebrate Independence Day and Bastille day.

Here is our special gift for all of our dear customers: a special discount!

You can use the “INDEPENDENCEDAY” code for your orders to get a 14% discount on our plastic material. But hurry up, it only lasts until the 14th of July!


This discount: A way to celebrate our international culture

Sculpteo is a French company, created in 2009. But we soon decided to go abroad and to open a new office in the United States, in San Leandro, near San Francisco. And we are extremely proud of this global history.

This multiculturalism is also extremely important to us in our daily routine here at Sculpteo. We have 60 employees, coming from 15 different countries. This is definitely a choice for us, and you can be hired in our French office without even speaking French. We find this enriching and we learn from it every day.

If you want to know more about Sculpteo’s international culture, you can discover it in a LinkedIn Pulse post from Clément Moreau, our CEO: “5 reasons why having employees from 15 countries makes our company stronger“.


A special discount on our plastic material

Our plastic objects are made from a fine Polyamide powder, also known as Nylon. This 3D printing material is both solid and flexible. Since it offers many possibilities, Polyamide is great both for 3D printing beginners and for professionals or experts.

Many colors are available, with a large range of finishing options. We even developed an exclusive finish: the Smoothing Beautifier finish! It gives your 3D printed parts a highly qualitative finish, without impacting their solidity.

To learn more about our plastic material, you can check our Material page.


Hurry up and upload your 3D printing model now to make the most of this discount!

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