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20 of the BEST Mechanical Engineering Groups Online in 2017

Posted By Jess Hedstrom on Jul 12, 2017 | 0 comments

Today we share the 20 BEST Mechanical Engineering & Robotics Groups for 2017 on LinkedIn. Social communities for engineers are not only great for networking, but they are possibly the greatest option for troubleshooting or receiving suggestions for improving your iterations. Take a look at our list of mechanical engineering forums & online groups to help jump start your project.

Below you can find our list of the best engineering and robotics groups available on LinkedIn, many of these groups are members only, meaning that you have to join and be approved by the admins of the group. Most of the groups on this list are not hard to get into, they do not require any credentials or proof of education, you might be required to wait up to a week to be approved however once accepted these groups are a great way to network and troubleshoot issues you might face.

Take a look at the table below to find the perfect group for you. There’s not limit to the number of groups you can join but you want to make sure that you have enough time to be a benefit to the community within these groups.

LinkedIn Groups About the Group Members
ASME This group has been organized to provide discussions, resources, networking opportunities and ASME related information to ASME members and non-members directly involved in an engineering discipline. Profiles will be reviewed for group membership consideration, and you will be notified of your acceptance accordingly. RECRUITERS, PLEASE NOTE — only those recruiters, employers and talent acquisition specialists that are ASME members OR are members of the ASME Career Center, will be considered for membership to the group. 219.138
Mechanical Design & Engineering Solutions You see, in most of the small-scale & medium-scale industries loose their rated profit due to outdated technologies and unorganized workforce. Even a well organized workshop plays a major role to maximize the profit. This group is the right place for people owned organizations in any diversified field wants to grow with a cutting edge solution with an affordable price suiting their budget. 426
Mechanical Engineers Network Mechanical Engineers interested in new opportunities or networking with other like-minded Engineers. Engineering based companies or recruiters interested in placing talented Engineers across the U.S. and Canada. 189,496
Mechanical Engineering Consultants This is the informal networking group for Mechanical Engineers. This group has been formed for Mechanical engineers to network with other consulting professionals and designers of the same profession in order to exchange ideas; market trends; and anything new or relevant to the Mechanical profession. 16,500
Automation & Control Engineering A group designed to share information, insights, and opinions on the topic of industrial automation and control in the discrete and process manufacturing sectors.( 115,408
Mechanical Engineer Network – Israel A Subgroup created for Israeli Mechanical Engineers to discuss engineering issues, exchange ideas, network, learn of new industry developments and for job seekers. 3,004
Mechanical Design Forum Sign up to discuss any aspect of mechanical design. Here are a few examples of the current topics being discussed: Manufacturing processes (injection molding sheet metal, machining etc.); DFA (Design for assembly); Mechanical Design Jobs – in the UK, US, Europe, Asia; 2D CAD / 3D CAD; Thermal management; Industrial Design; Legal issues – design patents and more. 196,987
Engineering Jobs Worldwide: Business & Career Network This group is dedicated for engineers mechanical chemical electronic, construction validation maintenance process engineer installation instrument design industrial, marine environment electrical civil service quality autocad production contract CAD nuclear manufacturing job careers recruitment network HR news 514,875
Engineering Career Opportunities (Jobs & Employment) ECO is established to provide a direct forum for engineering and technical professionals to explore and discuss current career opportunities in their field. ECO also serves the recruiting community by providing the opportunity for employers and recruiters to connect with skilled and talented professionals seeking new opportunities. The sole purpose of this group is to connect the two. Members are encouraged to post and respond to career opportunities, offer advice and information, and to refer other individuals that are in need of career assistance. 579,698
Freelance Design Engineering If you are looking to work on a Freelance or Contract Basis please feel free to join this group and begin networking with people all over the world from Employees to Engineers alike. We hope this group offers you the networking opportunities you are looking for in the world of Freelance / Contract Engineering. 15,140
Africa Engineering Network – Engineers | Technology | Business A networking community for business professionals working in the African Engineering Industry manufacturing construction technology real estate civil mechanical business engineer engineers jobs vacancies industrial infrastructure South Africa Egypt Kenya Nigeria Ghana Tanzania Uganda Zambia Botswana 1,739
Mechanical Design Engineers using Pro-Engineer Plastic / Sheetmetal / casting / machined product designers 3,869
Power and Utility – Mechanical and Electrical Engineer Gathering / Discussion / Forum for Engineering Professionals working within Utility and Power Sector to learn and broadcast on various engineering topics , products, and solutions. 196
Sculpteo 3D Printing Sculpteo 3D Printing invites you to join with others interested in Engineering and Robotics to discuss, and problem solve. 392
Best job opportunities for mechanical engineers: Countries and Cities This group was created in order to understand which are the countries or better the cities that have more job opportunities for the new mechanical engineers: with no work experience or less than 3-5 years 19,534
Indian Mechanical Engineers The group will be helping in collecting all the Mechanical Engineers who are working in different fields ie. Design, Production, Manufacturing, Quality and Services, PE, Sales, Purchase, Process Panning and Control etc. Here all can discuss on latest technology, research. They can share their problems and suggest the solution for other.This group will be helping to provide the job because of sharing the problems and posting your requirements. 19,761
Consumer Robotics The Consumer Robotics group is for robotics professionals building products for consumers. Here we network and share news and best practices for building consumer-friendly robots. Topic areas include product strategy, robotics product development, robot prototypes, AI, autonomous vehicles, enabling technologies such as sensors and manipulators, and marketing and consumer education. 4,047
Robotics Guru This is a networking group for anyone who has experience with robotics or a passion for robots or automation. Industrial automation, aerospace robotics, service robotics, personal robotics, servo control experts and hobbyists of all levels are invited to join. List your robotics skills. 20,906
Industrial Robotics The group is dedicated to linking professionals involved with industrial robotics automation in various segments of the industry including technologists, academia, end users, OEMs, and integrators, as well as supporting industry segments such as safety systems, process equipment, and programming. 19,160
IEEE Robotics and Automation Society (IEEE RAS) The IEEE Robotics and Automation Society (IEEE RAS) is interested in both applied and theoretical issues in robotics and automation. Robotics is here defined to include intelligent machines and systems used, for example, in space exploration, human services, or manufacturing; whereas automation includes the use of automated methods in various applications, for example, factory, office, home, laboratory automation, or transportation systems to improve performance and productivity. 18.715

Enjoy your new engineering group and have a great time joining in with your new community!

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