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Don’t forget to participate in our survey ‘’The State of 3D Printing’’!

Posted By Jessica Van Zeijderveld on Mar 14, 2018 | 0 comments

Ever since 2015, we have our very own survey called ‘’The State of 3D Printing’’. This annual survey is meant to provide the 3D printing industry and its community information regarding every little detail that has to do with the development of 3D printing. Our main goal is to give you the keys to understand this yearly changing and developing industry. We receive the information from people like you and turn it into a free e-book for everyone to read. We also compare the results to last year’s results which will provide information on how additive manufacturing is developing itself.


What were the results from last year?

You might wonder what the outcomes were for last year’s survey to see what kind of groundbreaking information our survey provides. Well, the most important piece of information that came out of 2017’s survey was that 3D printing is being used more and more as a full production method instead of only being used for prototyping. Companies see the use of additive manufacturing more as a competitive advantage.

Our previous survey was opened in January 2017 and during the year we received nearly a 1,000 respondents from all kinds of industries originating from 62 different countries. During the previous years, we received the most results from the following sectors: consumer goods; industrial goods; high tech; and healthcare sectors. The respondents from these sectors were mainly the owner or CEO of their own organization followed closely by engineers. When looking at actual percentages, we see that 47% of the respondents saw a greater ROI compared to previous years.

If we look at were these respondents were situated at the time of filling in this survey, we can see that more than half of them come from Europe (60%) with America following up by 30%. In the survey, we also ask for your expectations on the future of additive manufacturing. We can see how accurate our predictions are by using these results. The rate of accuracy will tell us how predictable the development of additive manufacturing is. For example, respondents in 2017 claimed that they expected that their expenses and investments in 3D printing were to rise by 55% in 2018. By using the upcoming results from this year, we will see if this was an accurate prediction.

How can you give us a hand?

It is people like you that are crucial in order for our survey to work. Thanks to your help and that of many others, we receive proper information so that we can show everyone accurate results and also inform everyone of helpful tips. We need people from all over the world, from any position, any age, any gender and from any sector to make our results and predictions as accurate as possible.

To show how grateful we are to you and others who fill out our survey, we offer a discount code of 10% for the very next order you place here at Sculpteo. Also, one lucky respondent will receive a 100$/€ gift voucher for Amazon! We would be ever so glad if you could take a few minutes of your time to fill in our survey. We here at Sculpteo, 3D printing users and many organisations all over the world would be very thankful!

Click the link to find our survey right away.


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