Sculpteo news and upcoming events!

Sculpteo news and upcoming events!

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The first quarter of the year has already brought a lot of exciting stuff into the light for Sculpteo and our clients. Not only did we launch Fabpilot’s new and improved website and our German blog, we also launched our cheapest material option for 3D printing yet! We are excited to bring you up to date with everything else that happened and will happen in the upcoming weeks.



Being an internationally focused French-American company, we wish to provide our 3D printing and laser cutting service to anyone, anywhere. In order to prove to you that we can be the manufacturer that upholds your standards, we wish to come to places and countries near our clients. At 3D printing related events, we want to inform you on how we can improve your product line, manufacturing methods, workflow and your supply chain in general. Our Sculpteo team will be ready for any question you throw at us. You may also find some great examples of 3D prints we created with certain materials.


Rapid + TCT, Texas, USA

This week, you can find us at the Rapid + TCT event in Texas, US. From April 24 until April 26, Sculpteo’s American team can be found at booth 2533 along with team Fabpilot. Click here to see the event’s program and location details. See how our 1st day looked like in the picture below!

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3D Print Exhibition, Lyon, France

From June 5th till June 7th you can find us at the 3D Print Exhibition in Lyon, France. Our booth number has yet to be announced but stay tuned on our social media channels to find out what, where, when on this event. We can already tell you that our very own Alex Gryson will give an interesting workshop on how you can optimize the work in your 3D printing lab using the right software. This event will be held at Eurexpo, south-east of Lyon.


Rapid Tech – Fabcon 3.D, Erfurt, Germany

During those same few days, June 5th till June 7th, you can find us in Erfurt, Germany where our team will stand ready for you to interact with. Come and find some complex designs that were 3D printed or see a range of materials we offer.


German blog

To stay on the subject of Germany, we have actually launched a German blog and Twitter account! Indeed, we know our German audience is growing and we want to provide more and more resources about the beneficial use of additive manufacturing in this language. We will keep you posted on the latest news and the most interesting implementations of 3D printing in different types of industries. Alles klar? Find our Twitter here and our new German blog here.



Fabpilot, the 3D printing software powered by Sculpteo, has launched their new website a few weeks ago. Find out how this tool can be integrated in your entire 3D printing production workflow with one platform and minimize the cost and complexity of using multiple 3D printing software packages. On the website, you can find some software example videos. Click here to find Fabpilot’s new website.


Welcome to our jungle

Would you like to join us at the forefront of additive manufacturing? We have new job offers that might suit your set of skills. Welcome To The Jungle stopped by a few weeks ago to capture our dynamic company culture. We are looking for a Sales director here in France, an incredible Marketing assistant that can be of great help, brilliant engineers, business developers just name a few! Click here to find the full list on our Welcome To The Jungle page. The Sculpteo team welcomes anyone with a passion for innovation.


Stay posted on the latest in 3D printing news by keeping an eye on our blog, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn!

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