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Sculpteo becomes the largest HP Multi Jet Fusion production center in France

Posted By Lucie Gaget on Jun 5, 2018 | 0 comments

Sculpteo is now becoming the biggest HP production center in France, we have just added a third HP 3D printer in our factory! At Sculpteo, we want to offer the best to our clients: the best technologies, the best materials, the best 3D printing service. That is why we are offering to our customers the possibility to print their parts with the HP Multi Jet Fusion technology. This 3D printing technology is allowing to create functional prototypes, but it is also an efficient technology for production, to get parts with a great finish aspect. 

Adding one more HP 3D printer to our production center!

To meet the increasing demand regarding this technology, at Sculpteo, we decided to add a third Multi Jet Fusion 3D printer in our factory. This HP Multi Jet Fusion technology is a great solution to meet the expectations of industrials looking for functional prototypes, final products, tooling parts, and so on. Sculpteo decided to adapt its production center to meet the customers demands.


Clément Moreau, CEO and Co-founder of Sculpteo affirms that “The digital transformation of the industrial sector is now a reality! By purchasing a new HP Multi Jet Fusion printer, we are showing that on-demand production can be adapted to new needs: agility, quality, and rapidity, all offered by this new HP Multi Jet Fusion technology are a real asset to build optimized manufacturing processes, where everything is possible.”


HP Multi Jet Fusion: An advantageous technology

How does it work?

HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D printers are creating parts additively thanks to a multi-agent printing process. During this process, a fusing agent is applied to a material layer to fuse particles together. Then, a detailing agent is applied in order to create a smooth and detailed surface. For the final step of the process, the area is exposed to energy, which leads to a reaction between the two different agents and the material, to create the desired part. The material used to create the part is the Multi Jet Fusion PA12, a strong thermoplastic, perfect to produce high-quality parts. This 3D printing material is allowing to manufacture complex shapes, which is convenient both for prototyping and production.

The parts, while leaving the build chamber are grey. It is the raw material. But you can choose your finishing options!


Advantages of prototyping with the HP Multi Jet Fusion


The 3D printing material HP Multi Jet Fusion PA12 is perfect for prototyping, as it is an accurate technology, accessible with quite a low budget. We recently unveiled a new non-dyed option for this material. It is actually the cheapest option available on our 3D printing service, and it is the perfect solution if you are looking for a cheap and qualitative prototyping method. If you have more questions about this, check out our full Q&A on our new non-dyed option for our Multi Jet Fusion PA12 material.

Gabriel Boutin chose the Multi Jet Fusion technology for the prototyping process of his Kupol Project. The Kupol Project is a 3D printed bike helmet. This technology is used for the prototyping process, but Gabriel Boutin is also planning to manufacture the finished parts of the helmet using the HP technology.


Advantages of production with the HP Multi Jet Fusion technology

Various finishings are available to make the most of this incredible technology for your production process. You can have a non-dyed and polished version of your part, to get a smooth finish. But if you really want parts with a very good looking finish aspect, here are the best solutions:

The Color Touch finish is a dyeing finish achieved with the DyeMansion technology. With this dyeing finishing, your 3D printed part will get a satin look. It withstands daily handling. It really is the perfect finish for parts that are exposed to external conditions, scratching and rubbing. The available color for this finishing option is black.

hp dragon touch

The Color Resist finish is a dyeing finish achieved with the DyeMansion technology. It is dyeing the parts with a matte look that resists friction and allows for a more consistent color between different production batches. The available color for the Color Resist finishing option is black.


Metal 3D printing: A new HP technology on the way


We saw in our latest State of 3D printing 2018 that metal 3D printing is now a really big trend in the additive manufacturing industry. 36% of our respondents are using metal 3D printing compared to only 28% last year. The Direct Metal Laser Sintering technology is increasing with 21% of our respondents using this metal 3D printing technology.

The next project of HP is to develop a metal 3D printer and transform the metal industry. HP wants to deliver a technology allowing high volume production. We are looking forward to discovering this new HP innovation in the upcoming years!

Do you want to try the HP Multi Jet Fusion technology? Give it a try right now and upload your 3D file.

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