Introducing the new Sculpteo homepage: Top 4 of the best new features!

Introducing the new Sculpteo homepage: Top 4 of the best new features!

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Have you seen your Sculpteo homepage lately? Then you might have noticed that some things have changed! At Sculpteo we strive to offer you a carefree website experience. No one wants to miss out on the latest material developments or get stuck in confusion by all the different options when going through an order process. Here, at Sculpteo, we did not only acknowledge the issues a customer on our website might face we also added some new features that will allow you to get more out of 3D printing than before. Thus, we collected enough data and analyzed what parts we could improve our homepage on. To get you adjusted to these new changes, we wrote a quick guide on what the major changes were and why we changed it. This blog post will inform you on order overview, our events center, navigation system and our information banner changes. After reading this blog post, you might be comfortable and motivated enough to test it out or even order your next parts at 3D printing and laser cutting service Sculpteo!


#1 Order overview

The most obvious change that you might have experienced are the first things you get to see once you log in to the Sculpteo homepage. Normally, you’d be redirected to the same homepage you see when you’re not logged in. Now we have changed it to an overview of your last 10 orders and quotes. Not only will this offer you a quicker overview on what you have ordered, you will also be able to reorder a previous order more quickly by finding your previous order in one go. We made this change for both new users and existing users not only in order to give you a quick overview, but also to see if you’re actually logged in! If you’re not logged in, you would just have our regular homepage in front of you. Something obvious but still time-saving.


#2 Events center

Something that is totally new for both Sculpteo and our website visitors alike, is our event center. We created over 50 events that you might have processed on our website, which will be displayed in a history log for you to check up on a.k.a. the events center. Changed your password but you’re not sure? Check the events center. Placed an order but you don’t remember when? Check the events center. Any other action that you made on our website? It is all in the events center. The events center is there for you to create a backlog in any step you take while on our website. And if you’re a newcomer to Sculpteo, we offer you a welcome message that includes some explanations on this new feature. Never overlook the steps you took with Sculpteo’s event center.


#3 Navigation system

If you’re an existing Sculpteo member, you might have had some issues trying to navigate through our website. Previously you would have had to go to ‘’My Account’’ in order to get e.g. an overview on invoices or if you wanted to change your password. On our new homepage, you will find a new navigation menu on the left side of your screen. Never get lost in translation anymore by trying to find some simple features by navigating your mouse through this new feature.


#4 Information banner

Sculpteo stays on top of being able to offer you the option to get the most out of additive manufacturing. Often we will push out new promotions or new materials such as when we launched our cheapest material option yet for Multi Jet Fusion and in general, the PA12, but we’re not getting the most out of exposing it solely through our traditional email and blog channels. In order for you to see what the latest benefits are for your next project, we have created a special new banner that will be placed 24/7 at the top of your screen without it being a nuisance to your field of vision. This banner will offer you our latest promotions, updates, materials, finishes and other developments in the blink of an eye.


Start your project today!

So there you have it. Some small and some significant changes that will help you in the long run by saving you time by us being more clear and well-arranged on what we have to offer you. Are you curious to try out some of its new functions for a test run? Or are you ready to start on your next 3D printing project? Simply upload your file here and a member of the Sculpteo team will get right to it so we can deliver it in a matter of days. Wish to stay up to date on any future changes or developments in the additive manufacturing industry? Simply subscribe to our newsletter here!


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