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Discover our newest Laser Cutting materials right now with our Q&A!

Posted By Kat Plewa on Sep 26, 2018 | 0 comments

We know how different the projects of our clients can be and we continuously want to improve our service to meet your production needs. That’s why we launched 4 brand new Laser Cutting materials! Get familiar with our 2 Acrylics, a plywood material, and already existing POM. They are all very different, with various mechanical properties and one of them will surely fit your manufacturing needs. Discover them now and learn how they can improve your production!


Q: How does Laser Cutting work?

Laser Cutting is a digital manufacturing method based on transforming a 2D file into a physical object. A CAD file is uploaded to our online service and then, accordingly to your file, the laser cuts out the shape of your project. This technology can be used with various materials such as wood, cardboard or plastic. Laser Cutting can provide you with highly detailed products which will perfectly match your production needs. And to give you the best experience, we just launched brand new Laser Cutting materials! Let’s see why they are so interesting.



Q: What is the new Mirrored Acrylic material?

Our newest addition to Laser Cutting materials’ family is Mirrored Acrylic. Essentially it is a Clear Acrylic plastic with a mirrored film on it. It has a lot of advantages over regular glass mirror, as it is much lighter and durable, which makes it safe to use around children. On top of that, Mirrored Acrylic also stands out for its high strength and impact resistance.


There are clear reasons why Mirrored Acrylic has great potential to improve your production process. As a plastic, Mirrored Acrylic is also flexible, which can be used in a lot of projects, such as creating visual effects on exhibitions or art installations.

Mirrored Acrylic laser cutting

Mirrored Acrylic laser cutting

Q: What is so special about Mirrored Acrylic?

What makes Mirrored Acrylic exceptional is the surface engraving. The technology allows for beautiful and highly precise designs to be created on the surface. Then the mirrored film is pilled off and the unique properties are revealed. As you can see in the pictures below, after the mirrored film is removed, there is a semi-transparent surface which will diffuse the light. Would that quality of our Mirrored Acrylic improve your productions? Contact us right now!

Mirrored Acrylic laser cutting

Mirrored Acrylic laser cutting


Q: What are the other new additions to the laser cutting Acrylic materials?

We already mentioned Acrylic materials, we extend them also to Clear Acrylic! Our Acrylic materials are durable, moisture resistant and easy to maintain, which makes them suitable for many applications in kitchens and bathrooms or outside. And our Clear Acrylic is now available in a thinner option to give you more design freedom and for you to discover new ways of manufacturing your products. Don’t forget that you can find our Clear Acrylic among other 13 colors!

acrylic laser cutting

Q: What makes Baltic Birch stand out?

Another new arrival is Baltic Birch, which joined the plywood section of our Laser Cutting materials. Plywood is a material which contains a few layers of wood, glued together. Why have we decided to start production with Baltic Birch? For the main reason that it has better mechanical properties than our Maple plywood and thanks to higher impact resistance can be highly beneficial to use for your projects.

baltic birch laser cutting

Baltic Birch is stronger than Maple plywood, but that is not the only difference between these two. Baltic Birch has also a more yellowish color, so if you’re looking for a more natural finish and look for your project, Baltic Birch is the one. Baltic Birch is also easy to be hand worked if needed. The latest addition to our plywood materials can be used for various applications, such as crafting projects, decorations or packaging.

baltic birch laser cutting maple

Q: Last but not least, get to know our POM.

POM, otherwise known as Acetal or Delrin, is now available in thickness ⅛ inches! POM is an engineering thermoplastic and is particularly recognized for its excellent dimensional stability as well as high resistance to weather conditions, water, and many solvents. It doesn’t deform and also has a very smooth surface, allowing for perfect cuts to be easily achieved. And that’s not all, POM also stands out for impact- resistance and lightweight, combined with an easily adjustable surface, it can be drilled, glued etc. For those reasons, POM gives you the ultimate design freedom when it comes to the manufacturing process.

POM laser cutting

Q: Which laser cutting material to choose?

The decision of choosing your material really depends purely on your project. Consider what kind of weights does it have to resists, if you need the material to be more elastic or solid, what temperatures it has to withstand.


If you need your object to be strong and stiff, pick one of our plywood materials. It’s more suitable for building, or furniture projects. It can be also modified at home with glue, nails, screws. To some extend Plywood can also be flexible, see examples below:


However, if the color is essential for you and water resistance, choose one of our Acrylics. We have a wide range of 14 colors to meet your production needs. Our Acrylics are also durable and flexible and they come in different thicknesses. They will also have a smooth surface look. And of course, if you seek a beautiful and shiny finish to your project, don’t forget about our brand-new Mirrored Acrylic.

Acrylique illustration

Moreover, we also offer you POM, which has amazing mechanical properties. It will withstand great impact, but at the same time, it’s only half of a weight of the glass! POM is well known for its durability as well as resistance to a lot of factors such as weather or water. POM is the right choice for many applications, from automotive spare parts, gears to hinges and locks.

POM laser cutting

Improve your production with our newest materials right now!


At Sculpteo, you, as our client are the most important. We are constantly working on improving your manufacturing methods and provide you with the best materials. That’s exactly why we decided to add to the list of our Laser Cutting materials Mirrored and Clear Acrylic, as well as strong Baltic Birch plywood and highly resistant POM.


Choosing the right material for your project might be difficult and to give you the ultimate best Laser Cutting experience, we also offer a sample kit. Get yours now and get the real feel of our Laser Cutting materials!


Did you get inspired to empower your manufacturing process with Laser Cutting? Contact us right away! We will answer all your questions and help you make the best decisions for your business.


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