Answer the largest survey of the 3D printing industry!

Answer the largest survey of the 3D printing industry!

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Don’t miss the opportunity to leave your mark and influence the whole 3D printing industry by answering a few questions. Be part of our 5th edition of the State of 3D Printing, every participation counts! This survey actually allows us to build the biggest 3D printing study each year and share those insights with the rest of the 3D printing industry and beyond.  

Take your chance and help us build the future of the 3D printing industry by answering the survey! You will get a 10% discount on your next Sculpteo order and also get a chance to win an Amazon gift card.

Here is why we need you to participate.


What is the State of 3D Printing?

The State of 3D printing is an annual survey made by Sculpteo, since 2015. Each year, we ask you about your use of 3D printing. Why? As the industry grows, the uses of 3D printing continue to evolve. We want to show the world what 3D printing can do and how it is impacting real people and businesses. As we gather this information and publish it each year in our free report, we share these insights with material and machine manufacturers and other players in the industry. This helps to guide the industry as to what users want and ensure your needs are met.

With more than 1000 participants from 62 countries and 2100 downloads last year, the State of 3D Printing is the largest 3D printing study.

This survey is addressed to anyone using additive manufacturing for professional use, research, or personal interests. We then analyze how promising this technology is by considering what are the most used materials, in which sectors 3D printing is used, for what, and what are its benefits for companies!

This survey is always a great success, and very useful for all professionals, so we are doing it once again this year, for a 5th edition. But obviously, we can’t do it without you!


Why we need you

This survey provides insights into your true use, your views, your experiences with additive manufacturing, the evolution of your needs, and the problems you need to resolve to make the most of this impressive technology.

This survey will allow us to build a whole study, which will benefit 3D printer manufacturers, 3D printing services, researchers, and so on! With your participation, you will shape the future of additive manufacturing and help this industry to grow in the right direction!

CEOs, engineers, surgeons, project managers, architects… Everyone is invited to answer to this study, we need people from all sectors and all professions to answer our questions!

Take the survey and get a 10% discount on your next Sculpteo order and also get a chance to win an Amazon gift card.


What have we learned last year?


We saw last year that 3D printing was used by companies for more and more applications. Companies were definitely investing more than before

Get your free 2018 report right now and discover all the results of our study. In this previous study, we noticed that:

  • 93 % of our respondents were seeing 3D printing as a competitive advantage

  • 3D printing was used by R&D departments for 46 %, by design departments for 43 % and 41 % were using this technology directly for production.
  • Plastic and metal were the most used materials

  • 39% of our respondents were using additive manufacturing to accelerate their product development

state of 3D printing 2018

But what about this year? Let us know. We will publish the results of this survey afterward. You will be able to see how the world of additive manufacturing is growing and how promising the future of 3D printing looks like

It won’t take you long, just 5-8 minutes, and it will help all 3D printing professionals to understand your need, answer our 2019 survey right now!

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