Starting a 3D printing project: Our best tips

Starting a 3D printing project: Our best tips

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Starting a 3D printing project is always a challenge, especially when it is for the first time. It can be difficult to start a 3D printing business or any project from scratch, or just to implement a new innovative technique inside your existing manufacturing process. It is possible to deal with additive manufacturing on different levels of your company. It might look a little bit difficult and intimidating but 3D printing is for everyone!S

Additive manufacturing has a lot of advantages to offer you. You can start this by yourself, but you might feel a bit lost. Our 3D printing experts can give you a hand, work with you on your project, or just give you the most useful 3D printing advice.


Starting to use additive manufacturing

Lots of benefits for your business


Using 3D printing can definitely help you bring your business to the next level.

3D printing businesses now appear in every sector. From construction to 3D printed footwear and 3D printed eyewear, the possibilities offered by this technology seem to be endless.

What can 3D printing do for you? It can accelerate your product development process, reduce your costs while manufacturing small batches, for production, or even for tooling. It is definitely a way to optimize your manufacturing process on many different levels. Indeed, while using this technology, you will give the chance to your business to reach brand new possibilities.

It will also bring you freedom, additive manufacturing allows for creating all kinds of designs, even the most complex ones.


A few questions to ask yourself before starting 3D printing


There are obviously lots of advantages when you start using 3D printing for your business, but changing a part of your manufacturing process is not that easy, and we know it. This is such a big change! That is maybe what is blocking you from using 3D printing… Fortunately, we have a solution for this.

Additive manufacturing is attractive, and you have to implement it the right way in order to make the most of it. Will you buy expensive professional 3D printers, or use an online 3D printing service? Which part of your production do you want to optimize with this three-dimensional technology? Prototyping? Production? Both?

Moreover, before starting the printing process step, you will need to get a 3D model. Do you know where to find a 3D model? Or do you know how to 3D model, and, which 3D modeling software you should choose?

To be sure to get all the benefits of additive manufacturing, it is important to be clear on these points, otherwise, you might just lose time and money, and your 3D printing experience will definitely not be worth it. If you can’t answer all of these questions, you need to keep reading this blog post.


How to get help while starting 3D printing?


Additive Manufacturing Consultants


Do you know about Sculpteo Studio? These are professional 3D printing experts dedicated to your 3D projects. Digital manufacturing is one of the smartest ways to build a competitive advantage in your industry. But indeed, these innovative technologies can be quite hard to implement and you might need a hand to master the applicability of 3D printing.

The Sculpteo Studio team will be here to help you create the project fully matching your needs, thanks to three different consulting units:


  • Design


Creating a 3D design for 3D printing is certainly not an easy thing, especially if you don’t have previous experience using 3D modeling software. Our 3D designers are here to help you with your existing 3D file or can design it from scratch.


  • Training


Do you want to learn more about additive manufacturing? This training service offered by Sculpteo Studio might be for you. Learn about the different 3D printing technologies and materials. You will discover how a 3D printing factory works and what are the possible 3D printing applications.


  • Consulting


Sculpteo can also help you to get a better understanding of the optimization of your manufacturing process. Indeed, you may want to use 3D printing, but don’t know on what level it could be interesting for you. Would it improve your company on the tooling aspect, for product development, or production? Each business has its own specifications, and our experts are here to give you the best advice.


Online tutorials


You may know how to create a 3D model, but if you want to use 3D printing, you have to know that there are some design requirements.  You can also follow our great software tutorials. These tutorials are specifically made to correctly prepare your 3D design in order to get a 3D printable file, and avoid all of the most common design errors. From Solidworks to OpenSCAD, you will find our best tips.


Have you found your way to get started with 3D printing? Let us know. And if you have any questions, feel free to contact us. Whenever your 3D model is ready, feel free to upload your 3D file on our online 3D printing service to get your instant quote!

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