State of 3D printing: Women in 3D printing

State of 3D printing: Women in 3D printing

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Have you downloaded The State of 3D Printing 2019? Each year, we ask 3D printing professionals to answer our survey in order the get a great overview of the use of this technology. Today, let’s focus on the presence of women in the 3D printing industry in partnership with our friends at Women in 3D Printing. Where are they?

Let’s find out, and download this free report about women in the 3D printing industry.


State of 3D printing: the biggest study about additive manufacturing


Each year, Sculpteo release the State of 3D printing, a huge study about the additive manufacturing industry, and the use of this technology in a professional context. For this 5th edition, we had over 1300 respondents from more than 65 countries.

Now that the biggest study on the additive manufacturing world is out, you can learn about all these interesting data, and get a better understanding of the point of view of professional users about the evolution of this technology.  What are the biggest advantages of additive manufacturing for them? How is it impacting their business strategy? These are all the data you will have access to with this report.

But this year we decided to enrich our study with two more reports: One about the 3D printing job market, and another one about women in 3D printing, to learn more about their presence and work in the additive manufacturing sector.

Why did we decide to create a mini report about women this year? The State of 3D Printing is the biggest study about 3D printing, we decided to offer you the most complete study possible on this growing industry. Diversity is an important subject for us, and we support the increasing presence of women in an industry such as additive manufacturing. We are sure that you’ll be as interested as us by the results of this mini report.


Insights about Women in 3D Printing


Nora Touré, who worked at Sculpteo for 8 years, is the founder of Women in 3D printing, introduce this report. If you never heard of Women in 3D printing, it is a global organization, promoting, supporting and inspiring women in the additive manufacturing industry.

The idea: Share about diversity in 3D printing, promoting it and give visibility to women in the industry. As Nora Toure explains it in the introduction of this report:

“’‘The State of Women in 3D Printing offers very complete and useful insights that we hope will help to shatter the gender glass ceiling many women are facing throughout their careers in Additive Manufacturing, especially in engineering-related positions.”

-Nora Touré (Founder of Women in 3D Printing)


What will you learn in this report about women in 3D printing?


In which department do most women are work? What are the differences between their use of additive manufacturing and the use of additive manufacturing by men? What is their point of view on the potential of this technology, and on their career? How do they see the application of 3D printing in business strategy? All these questions find their answer in this report.

Women of 3D Printing

Indeed, you will quickly notice in this report that some difference exists between answers given by women and answers given by men for our survey. Some behavior and points of view are different.


  • 70% learned about 3D printing on the hob
  • 61% of female respondents have a Master’s degree or above


Do you want to learn more? Download this report about women in 3D printing for free. You will find out in this study the point of view of women of this industry about sustainability and training/education, and more!


Don’t forget to download for free the complete State of 3D Printing report 2019.

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