What happened in Formnext 2019?

What happened in Formnext 2019?

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Formnext is one of the leading trade shows dedicated to the additive manufacturing industry. Each year, new 3D printing innovations are unveiled, making the future of additive manufacturing more and more promising. The trade show took place in Frankfurt, Germany, just like previous years, from November 19th to November 22nd 2019. 

This year, the group behind Formnext announced a 35% increase of exhibitors (852), and a 25% increase of visitors (34 532), showing that the interest for additive manufacturing is still growing year after year!

New 3D printing innovations have been announced by many companies during this huge European trade show. What are the new innovations in 3D printing this year? We tell you about Formnext 2019 in this blog post. Follow the guide! 


What are the main evolutions of this tradeshow?

The first thing we can see about this big event is that this trade show is actually interesting more and more people: investors, but also companies and manufacturers. This year, an increase of 35% for exhibitors has been noticed by organizers. 

Moreover, this trade show is now becoming a leading event in the additive manufacturing world, that is why we can also see that Formnext is now more and more international! Visitors of this edition of Formnext were coming from 99 different nations, prooving a real interest in additive manufacturing from all over the world. The democratization of this 3D technology and the different new opportunities and applications offered by 3D printing represent big benefits for many companies and industries. 


What are the main new 3D printers

This year, we can see a growing interest in metal 3D printing, as this technology is constantly developed and improved by manufacturers. We noticed during the tradeshow a lot of companies unveiling their new metal 3D printers!


Large-scale 3D printing is also a big trend in the additive manufacturing industry, offering new opportunities. Here is a little selection of 3D printers discovered during this last edition of Formnext. 


  • EOS FDR (Fine Detail Resolution) technology. EOS demonstrated a new solution to produce parts both really delicate and robust.


  • Essentium unveils HSE 3D printers, a 3D printer series using HSE technology, or High Speed Extrusion, accordingly with new high-temperature materials.


  • CEAD and Siemens collaborate to deliver the new AM Flexbot. This gantry-based 3D printer is able to 3D print fiber-reinforced parts, up to 4 x 2 x 1.5 m.


  • Sisma presented its new 3D printer: Everes Vario DLP, a 3D machine helping to build super defined resin parts, specifically made for the dental industry. 


  • 3DCeram unveiled C3600 Ultimate, a printer using SLA technology to print ceramic parts for mass-production.


  • DMG Mori presented LASERTEC 125 3D hybrid as a world premiere in laser deposition welding. This machine is made for parts measuring up to 1,250 x 745 mm, and parts weight of up to 2,000 kg.


  • Admatec, the ceramic company, unveiled the Admaflex 300. This is an open 3D printer for high volume ceramic and metal objects.


New innovations for 3D printing materials

As 3D printing applications are becoming more and more numerous, new 3D printing materials are developed all the time. We can see some new materials such as water-soluble materials emerging, which is kind of promising. Here is a little selection:


  • EnvisionTEX and Sartomer unveiled a water-soluble resin: the E-Aquasol resin. 


  • Aquasys, water-soluble supports for FDM 3D printing materials have been showcased during Formnext.


  • 6K presented Onyx, a brand new nickel-based 3D printing material along with fifteen other materials, such as metal alloys and ceramic powders. 


  • Solvay added a new filament to their catalog, the Solef PVDF AM filament, a material resistant to chemicals and to heat until 120°C


Other news from the additive manufacturing industry

New versions of 3D software and special news were also announced during this last week:


  • nTopology announced the latest version of nTop Platform, allowing engineers to benefit from a better workflow.



Were you in Formnext this year? Share your views with us!

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